It’s in the moments.
The moments between the noise.
The moments right before you make a choice.
The moments directly after.
The moment you feel before you see.
The moment you trust without seeing.
The moments you know the truth.
The moments you feel the universe.
The moment you share even though you’re scared.
The moment another soul truly sees yours.
The moment when the stillness is the best thing you’ve had all day.
The moment when the the darkness is bigger than the light.
The moment you believe when it feels impossible.
The moments your magic is louder than anything else.
The moment when you get up even though it’s the last thing you want to do.

Similar to the words of one of my favorite movie moments… Life is a game of inches. One inch at a time.

It’s a game of moments. Moments where you’re able to make a choice. And it’s in those moments that you get to mold your life into what you want it to be… or where you have created what you have right now.

It’s the choices made in each of those moments that add up to the difference.
It’s the gratitude paid in those moments that add up to the difference.
It’s the awareness in those moments that add up to the difference.

When you add up all those moments that’s going to make up the difference between living and just simply existing.

Stop over-complicating it and start paying attention to those moments. They’re the key.

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