You owe it to yourself… and everyone else in your life.


In a world where we’re always connected and plugged in, being present is something we really need to make a priority. 


In episode 4 of my podcast we go deeper into the conversation of how to turn off the auto-response, to stop going through the motions, and instead begin to live as an active member of your life. 


What if some of the unfulfilled, depression type emotions we as a society are feeling more could be linked to the act of being present in the moments throughout your day? What if you realized that talking to someone without having a distraction in your hand could change the truth and depth of your relationships across the board? 


Well, give this episode a listen because I explain in detail the ways that you can combat the disconnect and bring yourself back into the control position of your own life by creating an intentional presence in your own world.  


Check out the podcast now by clicking one of the links below:




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