9 years. 7 moves. 2 states. More boyfriends than I care to count. This little girl had been by my side through the roughest years of my life.

There is no doubt that she was sent to me to help me get through them all. Zero doubt.

She can be anywhere in the house and if my energy shifts, the tone in my voice changes, or one tear falls she comes running. She slowly crawls up onto my chest and presses her face against mine. It’s really indescribable the way she responds to my emotional state. It’s hard to explain honestly. But what I know to be true is I would have had a lot more sleepless nights under my belt without her, that’s for sure.

Anyway, for those of you who don’t know her… Meet Bonnie.

My familiar.
My ride or die.

I’ve been blessed to have some pretty amazing dogs in my life and her brother is pretty great too but this little one takes the cake. Nothing compares.

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