Hey friend! 


About a year ago I started thinking about starting a podcast. I had been told for a while that it was the next step to get my message out there and my audience was consistently asking for it, so why wasn’t I making it happen? 


I did the research. I found out the best path and places to publish. I listened to a lot of other examples and pulled things that I liked and made notes of what was important to me as a listener. 


I had an idea. I had the rules I wanted to work by. But I still continued to sit on it for a quite a while. Why? 


Partially because it wasn’t the right time in my life. Things were moving, hell… I was moving x2 in less than 6 months. The other side of it was I wasn’t ready to go all in. 


That’s something that I’ve learned to use as a rule of thumb in my life. I don’t start something I’m not committed to finishing. And unlike previously in my life instead of writing something off simply because I didn’t have the capacity at the time, I just put a pin in it. It remains on the “master list”. It gets prioritized. It get re-visited. 


Unless it’s something that I can’t sleep without creating or having RIGHT THIS MOMENT (because sometimes that does happen and I stop everything and create right away) but it’s important that you’re able to check in with yourself enough that you’re not always chasing a shiny penny and never giving anything the time and attention it deserves. 


This was a case that I knew it would happen but it wasn’t the right time yet. It was also something I didn’t want to half ass. So I waited and I’m glad that I did but I’m not going to lie, I avoided it for a hot minute because I was scared. I was scared to put it out there. I’m still scared, I mean I know I’m only two episodes in but it’s still an uncomfortable thing. It’s vulnerable and it’s exciting at the same time. I’m excited to stay committed to this and to watch it grow. 


With that being said, I wanted to thank you for watching, reading, and now hopefully listening 😉 along with my story. I appreciate it so much. 


I get asked often how people can best support businesses like mine and the answer is engage. Like, comment, share. That is something people can’t buy. If you like it, tell us. If you don’t, ask questions or share your concern. If you think other people would like is, share it with your people. Send a text to someone and tell them to check it out or share the episode or article on your story or feed so other can see it. That is the best way to support a friend or someone you follow online. Each like matters. 


Currently my podcast is live on ITunes and Spotify. It will be available on Google podcasts soon. Be sure to check us out on your fav platform for listening and let me know what you think! 


Thank you for helping me get this into as many hands as possible so we can raise the overall vibration of this beautiful Universe of ours. 


Podcast details; In this episode, you’ll get a quick into my background and why I’m always talking about lifestyle creation in the first place. Then I go into detail about what this Intentional Living thing is all about and how you can start utilizing it in your own world today!

Check out The Lifestyle Creation Podcast-Designing your best life with Jamie Thurber 😉

We’re live on Itunes, Spotify, and soon will be on Google Podcasts. Links below




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