Here’s what I know to be true….

You’re never sent down a path you’re not meant to travel.

Even if said path is a total out of the blue left turn, if it’s where you’re feeling called to go, trust me when I say take that damn path! Because what you can’t see yet is where it’s taking you and more importantly, WHY.

That paths sole purpose may be meant to wipe the slate clean, rip the remaining layers back, strip you down into this creature that had been fighting to get out, and then circle you back to what your soul longed for all along.

It’s something most aren’t capable of comprehending, let alone able to withstand and that’s what makes it even better. And trust me when I say that the random left turn served this love more than we could have ever known. Its. So. Good.

It’s a long story and beautiful one at that. So beautiful in fact that Maren Morris basically sings an entire song all about it.

“The wolves came and went and we’re still standing.

We built this right, nothings ever gonna move it.

When the bones are good, the rest don’t matter. The paint can peel, the glass could shatter. Let it rain, cause you and I remain the same. When there is a crack in the foundation, I know that any storm we face will blow right over while we stay put because the house don’t fall when the bones are good.”

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