Eventually it just becomes your way of being.

For years now I’ve had clients ask me how I share so much online. They tend to feel super overwhelmed by the thought of having to take photos, write posts, and share. It feels like “a lot”… not to mention that it can be scary AF to put yourself out there.

My advice has always been to just start. Share daily, even if it’s just sharing a quote you love. Don’t force words to flow, that feels pressured and inauthentic. But making time every day to write is another tool I have used for years.

Follow that feeling when it strikes but don’t force it. And eventually, it just becomes part of your existing. I don’t really have to think about it anymore, but it took making a commitment to being consistent about 5 years ago to get me to that point.

And the photos? Take them when you have time or when you’re feeling good about yourself. Take a bunch and sort through them later.

In this particular picture I was on the pool deck on the cruise with my selfie stick capturing the moment… #doitforthegram 😆.

But seriously, just let it flow and stick to the commitment you make to yourself and eventually (just like any other habit you work to create) sharing will become second nature.

I’m not saying it will ever stop being scary, because it still is scary more times then it’s not but don’t let that stop you. If you want to share, share.

The world needs more light… YOUR light.

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