When you’ve been silently winning battles and totally transforming yourself knowing in your bones that everything is playing out the way it’s supposed to… even in those moments where all you want to do is to have it RIGHT NOW and it’s really hard you can still see so clearly that this is just another piece of what has to transpire in order for you to actually get that thing you want so badly in the first place… you keep the faith. You stay vibing as high as possible. You keep believing that the universe has your back and that things always happen in divine timing.

And then one day you’ll find yourself standing in the middle of what you wanted so badly and you’ll almost be scared to even allow yourself to feel giddy for fear that it might not last or might not be real.

Then kicks in that faith again. And you release the need to control or know what’s going to happen and step back into enjoying the joy in the present. You look around at the way things have so intrinsically fallen into place and you are filled with gratitude for it all. Gratitude for the realizations. Gratitude for the depth. Gratitude for the pure fucking magic that has quite literally unfolded in front of your face. And most importantly, gratitude for how much better it will keep getting from here.

As long as you maintain that sense of surrender and trust and keep your eyes open and your heart open even wider… all that you desire will show up. Stop trying to force it. Stop trying to flip forward and see how it all turns out, that’s not how this works.
Be present and open to receive.

It’s already better than ever at this point, so why not let it keep growing.

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