A long time ago I decided I would never do calls on Fridays. I set Friday aside as a day for me to do whatever I wanted or needed to do. Sometimes that meant a day of fun, sometimes that meant catching up on all the shit that I didn’t get to the rest of the week, and sometimes I used it if someone needs to reschedule and it’s the only time that works.

Either way, it was and still is a catch all day for me and I super enjoy having it that way.

Then about a year ago a long time client of mine signed back up and Friday mornings was the only time that worked for him. So we started the schedule of Friday morning calls.

Yep, broke my own rule on that one… but here is why:

This client and I vibe so freaking well that our calls very rarely drain me. Even if they’re emotional or deep, I still walk away feeling super energized for my day. Maybe its purely the intention I put in, maybe it’s the fact that he’s awesome, or maybe it’s the fact that this guys MAKES SHIT HAPPEN. Over close to 4 years of working together I’ve watched him shift so many things into creating the exact visions he had from the first conversation we ever had. And he just keeps doing the things.

From the pure honesty of all things good and bad, to the openness to hear me and look shit in the face when he needs to, to always striving to be better. The integrity of this human is intoxicating and inspiring and starts my Friday off on freaking fire every time!

Direct quote from a recent call: “And you know what that creates, Jamie? PRIVATE JETS. That’s what”.

Private jets and a Rolls Royce. I see it as clearly as he does and have zero doubt those manifestations are on their way to him because he has the belief they will and matches that belief with consistent, in-alignment work.

Happy Friday. May yours vibe as high as mine is right now.

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