1. I genuinely am concerned about the number of hours people sleep. Like, if you’re in my life and I know you’re not getting enough sleep, I will try to help you fix that. And I will also worry about it, often.

2. I am Team Android for life. Not only is it the superior phone choice, it is now about principle and I will keep my flag planted there no matter what.😜

3. Even though it’s physically impossible for me to give birth to a dog, I can tell you that my animals are my blood. No if, ands, or buts… they are my children. End of story.

4. At any given time you will find a protein bar, almonds, or cereal in my possession. And I’ve also been known to carry cheeseburgers in my purse if shit’s really serious.

5. I don’t get “hangry” when I don’t eat, I fall down. The hypoglycemia is real, friends. So if we’re together and I’m excited and doing all of the things, there’s a good chance I’ll get so caught up I’ll forget to eat. Remind me to eat so I don’t puke or fall down.

6. It’s a widely known fact that I won’t let you hide from things. I’ll bring them up. I’ll ask the questions. I’ll call you out in the most loving and compassionate way there is simply because I love you and can feel whatever it is hurting you. Welcome to having a Jamie in your life.

7. I am a walking encyclopedia of random ass information. From actual useful things and life hacks, animal and planet knowledge from watching so many documentaries, to knowing all of the words to movies, episodes of my favorite TV shows, and songs I haven’t heard in 10 years. So random little facts flow out of me all of the time.

8. I’m tall for a girl. It used to make me extremely uncomfortable and while I have gotten over that for the most part, I am still acutely aware of every single person’s height and may start with that as a describing factor when you ask me about someone. I don’t mean to, it’s just the way my brain works.
Example; “Ya Sean’s an awesome guy. He’s well over 6ft tall, has great energy, and is super funny”.

9. I don’t ever speak on topics I’m not educated on, ever. So if I’m speaking out about something or giving advice, it’s because I’ve either lived it, researched it thoroughly, or have been educated on it in some way.

10. I absolutely hate lettuce. I will not eat it in any form, ever. It’s the texture, I just can’t. Also, not all skinny people eat salads. I know, everyone is shocked by this.

So there are some random things about me that maybe you wanted to know… or maybe you didn’t but there it is. 😜

2 thoughts on “10 Random Things About Me

  1. Beautiful attributes, character and personality! A genuine vibe with realistic, authentic things going on in in the world.
    Much respect, Jamie! I try to be as authentic and realistic as much as possible. This world has plenty of false images, visages, compared to true appearances of actual real within, a heart of integrity. Please keep presenting the authentic ❤️ heart of kindness, compassion and passion to make, be the difference in a world that has drawn cold in a sense towards showing the love needed to change an individual’s life May the peace of God be and flow in your life.

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