My friend Samantha has been trying to tell me for a while now that I’m glowing, that my energy is intoxicating, and I just thought she was being sweet. I mean, I know she loves me so she has to say that, right?

Well, a few weeks ago I started hearing similar things from all kinds of different directions. From strangers, clients, acquaintances. And to be super honest, interactions that in the past may have taken more energy or I’d have to pre-protect myself from got lighter, less draining, and all around more positive.

On the cruise there were a few instances where strangers were so kind and genuine with me out of nowhere and for no reason at all that I had to revisit this comment that Sam had made.

I sent her a message about it and she replied with “I told you. It’s hard not to notice.”

And later sent me a meme with this quote on it telling me this describes what’s been happening to me…

“If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely” – Ronald Dahl

Take that as you will but in my world that lovely glow shining out of your face has nothing at all to do with your looks and EVERYTHING to do with your vibration.

After almost a year of some of the darkest shadow work I have ever encountered, I’ve been compounding the light more and more every day. For every piece of shadow, I’ve met it with an even brighter piece of light and the focus I’ve put on being a vibrational match for everything I desire has been more of a priority than ever before.

Now, I wish I could say it was like a switch I turned, because I always wanted it to be but I truly feel like it’s more like the more consistent you are, the deeper you go, and the more you own every part of your being and your journey, the more that light builds on itself.

And the apparently starts shining do brightly out of your face that it’s undeniable.

I’m just so grateful. That’s really all I can say.

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