*Originally posted October 10th, 2019

“You’re working on the cruise?! Why??”

“Just turn your phone off and enjoy yourself.”

“What if something work related triggers you and ruins your whole day?”

These are all comments I’ve heard over the past couple of days after I last minute jumped on a boat for the next 10 days… First off, yes, I am working in the ship because my life is my work. It doesn’t feel like work most of the time. Sometimes it does but even in those moments,I’ve created this lifestyle so it’s all just a part of how I do life every day. That doesn’t change no matter where I am. And it’s truly a beautiful thing.

When your work lights up your soul and fuels you, it’s not a thing you “have” to do. It’s something you GET to do!

Secondly, I have very strict boundaries with my phone so having it on or near me doesn’t cause me to be distracted or prevent me from being present in the moments and experiences I’m having. Designing your life this way requires boundaries to keep things in balance.

And lastly, I rarely allow anything to ruin my day, ever. So I would be quite surprised if that happened during this trip. When you’re able to start recognizing what is yours and what you can let go of, things don’t tend to alter your state of mind as easily. Also, nothing can alter your state of mind without YOUR permission so take responsibility of that and eliminate that as a normal occurrence in your world too.

It ALL comes down to designing your life to fit what you want to do, have, and feel.

Is it always cruise ships and rainbows? Nope.

Does it happen over night? Nope.

But let me tell you, the juice is worth the squeeze and designing my life to allow this to be my reality? Best investment ever.

It. All. Starts. With. You.
Believe it’s possible.
Take responsibility for your own reality.
Take action every day.
And if you really want it to last, put integrity behind every move.

Disclaimer; it’s not always easy, but it can be quite simple when you focus on your mindset and strip back the BS that’s holding you back.

I do have 2 spots opening up for private coaching next month, if you’re interested in diving deeper to create the life YOU desire, apply on my site here

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