*Originally posted October 13th, 2019

When it’s your lifestyle, it never “turns off”. It simply is your way of being.

You can be present and still have the habit of stopping what you’re doing to write a post when something pops into your mind.

You can still relax and remember to take a photo that you intend on posting for your brand.

It’s not made up. It’s not like you’re pretending, not even a little bit, actually. It just becomes a part of the way you live your life. So much so that you don’t even have to think about it. It just becomes a natural thing you do.

It’s something you have to make space for at first. As you’re learning to balance things a little differently than you’ve ever known before in order to make this freedom based lifestyle your reality, you have to start making space to pay attention. Space to notice the little things. Space to be present. Space to hear the messages you’re meant to hear and in turn share what you’re meant to share.

If you don’t make that space, then it will always feel like a struggle. It will always feel like you’re forcing it. It won’t flow. It won’t feel like you or like it’s natural at all actually.

So where does it all start? In the mindset practice and in the consistency. Those are what create the space. Those are the keys to finding the balance 👌

Not sure how to do this in your own life?
Start with 3 things you’re going to do each day.

1. Make time to clear your mind.
Maybe through journaling, brain dumping, speaking a bunch of whatever is in your head out onto an audio, meditating. Don’t try to start by doing them all, just pick one.

Creating space. Mentally, emotionally, energetically.

2. Power hour.
In my world this consists of 20 minutes of email, 20 minutes of social media inboxes, and 20 minutes of team/creation. I use a timer, remove all other distractions and crank out the work. This way, things don’t pile up on me and it helps prevent me from being interrupted, having angry people on my hands, or fires to put out…

Again, creating space! Mentally, emotionally, physically.

3. You choose.
Something that is specific to your life or job.
I usually suggest making this one to move your body. Because it fuels all pieces of your life AND creates mental, emotional, and energetic space at the same time.

Can you commit to doing 3 things every single day?

Here’s the kicker… don’t make this promise to yourself if you’re not willing to keep it. It’s about time you quit lying to yourself.

But imagine if you did follow through?
Wouldn’t it be nice to be someone you can actually count on?

Trust me here, this will impact WAY more than you can even imagine right now.

There is a method to my madness and this shit WORKS.

3 small things a day, the choice is yours

* she writes from her stateroom in the middle of the Caribbean ocean where she’s living her freedom based lifestyle dreams what have solely been built by embodying the power of consistency.

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