Ya know what’s fun?

Being happy.
Choosing joy.
Even when darkness creeps in, choosing not to let it stay. Honoring it, looking at it, but letting it go and doing whatever it takes to choose happy again.

Happiness truly is a choice. One you get to make every morning and then a thousand more times all day, every day.

Do we always choose happy? No, we’re all human and sometimes things are louder or we get caught up and we forget to reach for the tools we know we have in our bag. Also, sometimes it’s meant to be there and we have a lesson to learn or something to see. But it’s not meant to stay.

Clinging to the fog or keeping it around? That’s a choice. Letting it flow and choosing to step into something else is always always always an option.

Start flexing that muscle to choose happy more and more every day… eventually, it becomes your normal and the dark moments are less frequent and certainly less impacting.

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