Sometimes it does just look like a conversation. Like talking through a plan or identifying a block, going through how to handle something or what pieces of the business need tightened up, parts of life need more attention, how to be present, meditate, or be a better spouse, or parent, or friend.

But sometimes it looks like scheduling a separate call so I can teach you how to create your own website, video, or graphics.

Sometimes it’s talking through what to do when your relationship just exploded in your face and you feel like you’re drowning.

Sometimes it’s going over your Profit and Loss statements.

Sometimes it looks like spending a couple extra hours putting together videos, screen shots, a plan, and schedule to help you create and distribute content for your company.

Sometimes it’s writing out operating procedures and then about how to put them into play.

Sometimes it’s stopping what I’m doing to make a quick landing page so they can launch their program on time.

Sometimes it’s creating a custom budget sheet or schedule so you’re able to actually see where your time and money are both being spent.

Sometimes it’s taking several different “typical” contracts and melding them together to make the person option for them to use with their own business, one that fits their personal brand and needs.

Sometimes it’s talking through a panic attack in the heat of the moment.

Sometimes it’s figuring out the best way to respond to something and still keep your integrity and boundaries in tact.

Sometimes it’s talking through the grief of the loss of a loved one.

Sometimes it’s reading through your entire course or talking through every detail so it’s right and ready to launch.

Sometimes it’s allowing space and a place of comfort and non-judgement so you can process your feelings and not feel dumb or guilty about it.

And sometimes it is simply being the person in your corner that you know has your back no matter what. The person who will cheer you on, hold you hand, and call you out on your bullshit all at the same time.

It does ALWAYS include love and support and mindset and lots of storytelling so you remember you’re not alone.

That’s why when someone asks me what it’s like to work with me as a private client, I find it hard to respond… because it’s all of those things and more.

That’s also why I love my job so much. To be able to be even one of those things to someone you believe in is a privilege.

Some people might think doing a lot of those things for a client is crazy of me but when all you attract are soulmate clients? It’s a no freaking brainer.

My personal boundaries are on point and my private clients honestly have never even tried to push against them or overstep. It’s called mutual respect. Again, I love this life and am so freaking grateful to have such great humans in my space.

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