This is why you create a solid foundation.
At least it’s a visual reminder as to why.You create a solid foundation so that when life happens and you fall off the track for a bit, everything doesn’t go to shit.

Real talk, my life took a super unexpected and interesting turn over the past 9 months… or year really. I started diving in, DEEP. Unearthing things that I had buried and didn’t acknowledge for years. I cleared so many things mentally and physically it’s almost impossible to even explain. And then I fell in love, listened to a message bigger than me and uprooted my life, moved 600 miles away, created a life there, learned, grew, tried my best, played out some karmic soul contract related shit, learned so many lessons about who I am and how fucking strong I actually am as a human, moved back, and have been hard at work rebuilding every thing I ever knew. Every social contract. Every obligation. Every deeply rooted behavior. Every automatic response. Every way of processing emotions. Every way of existing.
I have spent the past 6 months learning new and healthier ways to navigate every single area of my world.Basically, it was like I was given this unexpected curve in the path so that everything that had gotten bigger and louder than my purpose in this world would be stripped away so I could start over and really get down to doing what I was put here to do in the first place.So I could start over by CHOOSING every single thing I allowed to be even close to touching or impacting my world.

It’s scary when you start looking at every interaction and identifying ways that you allowed things to mask inner insecurities or fulfill your needs in unhealthy ways. It’s also enlightening as fuck. And more liberating than I ever knew was possible.

In the process, I’ve created the space to CHOOSE what I allow. I’ve had the freedom to choose WHO I allow and want in my space. I’m not going to lie, it’s been a hard path. There have been a lot of dark shadows and a lot of really bright lights too. In the midst of it all, my foundation has NOT moved.

My core has not shifted (And I’m not just talking about my abs).

The things that make me who I am are there and stronger than ever.

The foundation I spent so much time cultivating and strategically creating every single day, brick by brick being carefully placed in order to withstand any storm was put to the test and it passed.

I knew in my bones for years that the basics were the most important. That preparing for life and creating massive consistency was what I HAD to do. It was in my head, in the forefront always. I wasn’t exactly sure why until I actually experienced it.

Over the past 9 months, my focus on fitness wasn’t where it once was. Have I worked out regularly? Yes, but to what I would have ever considered to be acceptable before, no. Not even close. My focus has been fueling my body properly, allowing as much time for rest as needed, walking, stretching, yoga, and body weight exercises. No strict plan, no matter how many times I wrote it out to start, it wasn’t in the bigger plan.

So am I saying that I “let my body go?” no, but I’m saying that I have not been doing what I know to be needed to be at maximum operating conditions… and guess what? Because I had spent so much time building a solid foundation in the first place… things haven’t gone to shit. I’m not back at square one, no where near it actually. And damnit, that’s something I’m proud of.

I can say the same for my business and brand. Have I still been sharing? Yes. But not at the same level or degree that I usually do, not to the standard that I have set, the standard that the majority of you have seen me operate at over the past several years. It’s better now but before the past month or so, things were obviously different. Simply because I refused to force anything and I had other work to do.

It’s no secret that I follow my soul and intuition above all else and in the past 9 months, it’s told me to do work on MY soul first and that’s what I’ve done.

Cool part, my clients are still thriving. I’ve continued to show up for them 100%, that hasn’t changed and as a result of that promise, of that standard that I set for so many years…. the foundation of my business also was not shaken.

So, if you’re wondering why I’m always talking to you about the foundation, about the consistency, about building sustainable action through integrity and compassion… here’s why.

I’m living proof… which is a huge part of why I went through all of this in the first place but that’s a different story for a different day.

Thanks for following along, my loves. I truly appreciate you.

Comment below if working on the foundation is something you need to commit to.

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