Feeling scrambled? Maybe flustered even?
Down about yourself? Or a little like you’re lost?

Look around you, at your physical space…
Your bedroom
The kitchen
Your office space
Dining room
Living room

How does it look?
More importantly, how does it FEEL?

If it’s cluttered, stuff stacked everywhere, dust piled up, nothing in the room that makes you smile or feel joy… then I suggest you start there.

Clear out your space.
Wipe off the dust.
Put things away where they belong.
Open the blinds or curtains.
Light a candle or incense, turn on a diffuser.

Look around again.
How does it feel?

In the moment, you might not notice a big difference, you might just be tired from cleaning up but in the morning when you wake up and look around, it’s going to feel different.

Pay attention to that feeling.
Be present in it.
Make a point to sit in each space in your home for a few minutes of quiet each day and simply absorb it.

If there isn’t something in the room that makes you smile, feel happy, or at peace start putting some intentional thought to finding one item you can add to do just that.

Take your time, choose wisely and don’t over-complicate it. It can be as simple as a photo, a crystal or a plant. Or as big as a wall collage or piece of furniture. Let those moments of observation in the room inspire you to find the perfect piece.

Don’t get me wrong, I know life happens and sometimes the house gets a mess as you and your family are living in it each day but trust me when I say, making a point to straighten up each night after the dust settles from the day is something you should make a priority. It’s a game changer.

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