When I started searching for a way that everything was connected, it all changed for me. I was told by others that every area of our lives impacts the other and I believed that to be true, but the way it was being taught to me didn’t FEEL connected. It was all very logical and like a single task list. It seemed to be more about checking things off the list every day than it did about being present, engaged, and feeling into all of the things that I was doing every day instead.

And while I am the Queen of Productivity, that still didn’t sit well with me. Doing things just to say I did them? Nope. Certainly didn’t feel in integrity to me, not even a little bit.

So I started searching for a way to take it all deeper. I started researching psychology, energy, vibration, intention, feeling. I went down the rabbit hole of discovering how everything really was connected, on a deeper level. On a soul-based level. On a level that changed the entire way, I operated in every area of my life. And I found it.

I refer to this discovery, this way of living as Intentional Living but that doesn’t even begin to explain the depth of it. Yes, a big piece is learning to look at every action, every thought with intentional energy, with a deeper meaning or purpose. It means looking at the ripple effect of each action and realizing how deeply it actually does impact all areas, all things.

When you can learn to start looking at things that way, the act of doing the tasks that you were once struggling to mark off the list each day becomes something that flows and FEELS right. You can feel the connection. Even in those moments when you don’t really want to do the thing in the first place, you’ll have the inner knowing of all of the beautiful things that one act will impact or influence in your world and it will cause the dread of doing it to lighten and the act of completing the task to feel so much more empowering and meaningful.

What I’ve realized lately is that I am still all about getting shit done, being highly productive, and accomplishing a large number of things every day but the way I choose to operate now makes it FEEL unlike I ever knew was possible before. And it’s what I’m meant to share with you right now. This. This way of living, way of operating, thinking, experiencing is what I am called to share with you.

If you are looking for more depth, connectivity, and purpose in your life… well, I invite you to join us in my Intentional Living Masterclass Series. We start next week. Click this link for all of the dates and details.

From my heart to yours, trust me when I say that this will be a game-changer in the way your business, job, household, relationships, mindset and all of the things that are most important to you flow in your world.

P.S. The all-access pass details are at the very bottom of the page and I just added a payment plan as well. This course price will more than double next time I run it, so if you’re interested now is your chance to get in at this low price!

Let me know if you have any questions. See you there.

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