IT’S HERE!!! My latest creation has come to life and is ready to go!

Honestly, I’m super nervous to share this with you guys. It’s something that I’ve been practicing for years, a part of the way I teach my private clients, and something I talk about all of the time… but to put out a program on the subjects? That’s out of my element. The ideas originally came to me when I was sitting in my clients office in Oregon several weeks ago, I quickly jotted down the outline and it’s been on my mind ever since.

I went back to it several times. Even turned a few of the topics into super mundane, watered down, safer versions of my original idea at one point. But that’s not what my gut was pushing me to teach, it’s not what I was meant to share right now.

So I got over the fear, stepped out of the normal “get shit done” style of things you see me produce when it comes to programs and I got super clear about what my soul was telling me to share with you all.

It flowed so quickly. That’s how I knew it was the right thing. I wrote all 4 of the classes, descriptions, and trainings almost effortlessly. It just poured out of me and my heart is so full. I am seriously so excited to share this, even though it’s scary.

I’m so passionate about helping people see that they can connect with life on a deeper level in order to operate totally differently than they are now. In order to still be a high producer while also enjoying the things that you’re doing everyday to stay on point with your mind, body, soul balanced connection. It’s about understanding more how it’s all connected, ways to crack the code of using your own energy and intention behind every action to dictate the way your world works… in your favor!

It’s possible. And let me tell you from experience, it’s beautiful and absolutely worth investing time, energy, and money into creating.

So here it is friends; The Intentional Living Masterclass Series.

There will be 4 separate classes, each lasting 2 weeks an including a ton of trainings, live interaction, guides, etc that you can start using right away. The first class is on Ritual and that’s honestly what started all of this for me!

Introducing ritual into my daily life was a massive game-changer across the board. After feeling disconnected from the way I was spending the beginning and end of my day I realized that simply checking things in my routine off the list wasn’t serving me.

Putting intention behind every movement and setting the stage to actually feel good and connected with what I was doing and why is where my rituals started to become life-changing.

Click through to the link in the comments to see more details about exactly what I’ll be covering in that class.


(I really hope you all read that in a fun, loud, game show host kind of voice like I did, hahaha)

Since this is a series of classes, I created a cool option that allows you to attend every single one of them if you choose. An “All-Access-Pass” that secures you a spot in all 4 courses, give you over $250 in bonus’s and saves you money on each course overall if you choose to get the pass.

You can also purchase the courses separately if you’d like, choice is yours.

Like I said before, I’m just super freaking excited to share all of this and I can’t wait to get these bad boys rolling! It is going to be AWESOME…. Just sayin!

Comment below if you have any questions and click through the link in the comments to get all the details as well!

EEEKKK! Can’t wait to see you there!

(Psst, the All-Access-Pass details are at the very bottom of the page)


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