*Originally Published July 12, 2019

I took my first business trip when I was 20. I was working for a Risk Management company at the time and the team I was a part of worked for one of the nation’s largest waste management companies. The division I worked for hosted their yearly training in Las Vegas and I was able to go. All expenses paid. It was amazing.

Second time ever being on a plane, first time ever traveling alone. Looking back now I don’t remember having the awareness of how great of an opportunity that was.

That trip was one of many those few years I spent working as a Claims Adjuster. They would send us regularly out of state to do continuing education and get different licenses required.

It’s funny now because traveling has become a normal part of me growing my business, the only difference now has been that the expense is on me, not some fortune 500 company.

Truth is, being a primarily virtually based business traveling is what allows me to get face to face with people in my industry. Most of my clients, I’ve never met in real life. To a lot of people, that sounds insane but in the world I’ve built, it’s absolutely the norm.

Today I’m on my way to Oregon to spend time with a long term client at his business. I will be spending two days shadowing him and his team on location to help continue to streamline and scale his already flourishing company. And I couldn’t be more excited. Or honored to be welcomed not only into his business but his life. You see, while our focus has primarily been business related, we don’t limit it there. I’ve been on the other end of the phone through some high highs and some low lows over the past 3 years with this client and it’s been an absolute privilege.

The other really cool part? Him and his wife are taking me out sightseeing over the weekend too! I’m so stoked. Awesome client and an amazing family that is welcoming me with open arms and sharing a piece of their world with me.

I am truly blessed. This life I’ve worked so hard to create, even in those times I doubted it was actually possible… well it’s here. I’ve been living it for almost 4 years now & being able to stop, look around, and see what my reality actually is these day, now THAT is truly amazing

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