3 weeks after investing, she made more than enough to cover the cost of my coaching.

She was a single mom, running her own business, going through a very difficult divorce, and she had this massive idea. This idea she couldn’t ignore anymore. It was almost Christmas and “extra” money wasn’t a thing in her world any time, let alone around the holidays. But she made a leap on the gut feeling that she needed to work with me.

I will never forget our first call. It was so vulnerable. She cried, a lot. She ripped herself wide open about where she was at, where she had been, and what she was so scared to move forward with. And I remember sinking back into my chair thinking, “Holy shit, this girl is going to alter her entire universe with this work.”

The world was waiting for her to put this out there. Her people were waiting for her to put this out there. Her soul was longing to put this out there. So why hadn’t she?

Fear. Doubt. Uncertainty. Ya know, all of the normal friends that show up and stop us from living our best life.

The biggest thing I give her was permission. Permission to do it. Permission to take the chance, to put it out there, to allow herself to shine in a way she had never shone before. And through pure vulnerability and with fear in the passenger seat, she did it. And boy, has it PAID OFF.

The cool thing about this client? She keeps going deeper. She keeps getting vulnerable. She comes to me with the darkest pieces of herself and allows me to look at it too. To help her face it, remove its power, and move through it.

Something that started purely as a “business coach” relationship has morphed into a lifestyle transformation exchange and a continued evolution together. One that I’m extremely grateful for.

2 years ago, she didn’t think any of this was possible. She didn’t think she could build a business the way she has but more importantly, she didn’t know she could LIVE the way she does now. And while yes, watching her increase her monthly income while impacting so many lives is an amazing reward for me as well, the biggest and most amazing part to watch is seeing her live life on her terms, in flow, in harmony, in a way she never thought was possible. As a woman. As a friend. As a mother. As a partner. As a business owner. As a light in the world. It’s been a beautiful unfolding to witness and one I’m seriously honored beyond words to be a part of.

So if you’re questioning how I help my clients? This is a look-see into just one of the experiences I’ve had a hand in creating.

The possibilities are endless.  You just have to make the choice.

Interested in working with me? Fill out this application form for private coaching now! 

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