“What do you do for fun?”
To be honest, that question always throws me. I know it’s one of the go-to’s when people are trying to get to know someone or reconnecting with a lost friend or acquaintance but it’s a question that I tend to normally cringe at. Maybe it’s the dreaded small talk, but maybe it’s not.

I found myself faced with this question recently in an innocent conversation while reconnecting with someone and I thought to myself, “Wait, what DO I do for fun?”

“Do I even have fun?”

As I continued to question myself I thought, “Oh shit… Maybe I don’t actually have fun. What am I doing with myself? Damn, am I this boring person who does nothing?”

Obviously not, but I did ask myself that question for a hot second.

The truth is, I’m not boring at all. I find myself, my life, and my entire way of existing to be quite interesting actually.

But how do I answer this question? Do I tell him that I have fun researching crystals, learning about energy, making oil potions, sitting in silence so I can hear, dissecting peoples lives and patterns? Do I say that I have fun talking about the world and what makes it go round? Surly those things would make me sound crazy, right?

I mean, I assumed he was expecting a response including a hobby like playing baseball or traveling, something like that and saying that would be a lie.

So I went on to tell him a brief explanation of what I do for fun, without being too eccentric but also without making something up and the conversation continued on naturally and all was good.

Later that night I couldn’t help but think though, what do I do for fun?

And you know what answer I can up with?


Seriously, I find living fun. Like really living. Being aware. Learning lessons. Observing behaviors. Learning new things. Discovering new places. Enjoying small moments. Eating delicious foods. Noticing the change in someone’s voice that lets you know they are smiling even when you can’t see them. Interacting only with people whom I have a meaningful connection with. Helping my clients. Going to the gym. Dancing while I cook in the kitchen. Cleaning the house to my favorite song. Daydreaming. Coloring. Sitting every morning and filling myself with light. Kissing Bonnie on her teeny little nose. Watching Mac’s facial expressions.
Simply existing and being aware while doing so is honestly a fucking blast.

And if you ask me, it’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve created… or discovered, whichever way you choose to look at it. Either way, I’m extremely satisfied with the response to that question now…

Person: What do you do for fun?
Me: Live.

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