The decision. The one made with no clue how it will actually come to life, no idea how it’s going to be delivered, or when and still, you decide.

Just the belief that it will be.

The utter certainty that it will, in fact be your reality.

Actually, it already is.

Inside your mind, that thing you’ve decided on, that choice you’ve made, it’s already yours.

And the sooner you start believing in that power, the sooner it actually relieves itself to you.

Choose to be sure of it.
Choose to claim it as yours.
Own it.
Then be open to receive.

Don’t just stand there either. Keep in flow. Keep connecting. Keep working. Keep shining. That’s what keeps you vibrating at the same capacity as what you just claimed to be yours in that decision, in that choice.

Keep moving while remaining open and so damn sure that you’re desire is already on it’s way to you the moment you choose it.

Pay attention. It all unfolds in ways you probably could never even imagine.

And remember, the universe had quite a sense of humor.

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