“Jamie, you live alone and your clients are virtual… why do you pay for an office space??”

Well, “because I can” is my initial response to that question.

BUT I’ll give you a little more insight on how this choice helps me and could possibly help you too!

I have a few days a week that are heavy call days, ones in which I spend a lot of intentional effort to be in a very specific state of mind so I’m showing up the best for my peeps… and myself!

Those mornings I get up and do my killer morning routine, spend time with my pup, get all dressed up and ready for the day then head to my office space for the day.

Getting to be out and in a new atmosphere is always helpful for not only your state of mind, but your creativity and vibe as well. Coming into this beautiful space, sitting down with a fresh brewed cup of coffee and jumping onto calls with my favorite humans feels AMAZING to me. And unlike a coffee shop (which I love to work in) here, I have the privacy to talk freely with my clients and coaches without being interrupted or breaching any confidentiality.

So while yes, I can conduct my business from virtually anywhere, anytime, I choose to allow myself the opportunity to sit in a beautiful office a few times a week. Where I can leave the energy of the calls here when I leave. Where I can chat with other like-minded business owners in the kitchen or elevator. Where I can take my business to a whole new level.

And adding this option in for myself has absolutely done that for me. Especially during the transition I’ve been going through over the past few months. It gave me a place to use as an outlet with zero distractions from focusing in on growing my business and helping my clients WIN.

Honestly, the expense more than pays for itself each month and my productivity is through the roof. Which means my “free time” is higher than ever. Which is the name of the game in my world. Freedom. Freedom. Freedom.

So if you’ve been looking to switch things up in your business and a co-working space doesn’t really suit you, I suggest taking a look at the private office options Regus has to offer. I have access to a private office at any of their locations in the world and it’s extremely simple to manage and book when and where I need. I highly recommend them.

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