Time is something I’ve made a living out of “creating” more of. Or actually just showing people how changing their mindset and purpose behind things can seemingly create more time in their worlds for the things that they actually want to do. It’s almost like bending reality, but it’s really just a matter of changing the foundation of how you’re operating first.

But here’s the thing… Me and time, we’ve not ever really been friends…until recently. And still now I’m just warming up to the thought of it. More like I’m just accepting the fact that I cannot control it and it is a necessary piece of how all things happen or play out in our worlds. Basically, I used to almost throw a mini temper tantrum in my mind when time wasn’t on my side and demand information now, demand to see the end of the book now, and if I couldn’t (which was always the case) I would get really stubborn and apply pressure until I “thought” I was getting something to happen. You see, this didn’t always turn out badly but it was also using a lot of energy that I didn’t realize at the time was truly meant for bigger and better things. And since I’ve realized that you should measure your energy the same so you do your time, or at least take both into consideration.

Over the years I let go of the temper tantrums and would solely go to the pressure option, always without even realizing it was happening. I would push and try to force my will onto a situation, time frame, or person in order to get a response or step forward on MY timeline.

Talk about a really fucking humbling moment when you realize this about yourself. It’s not pleasant, but it’s real and it puts you back in your seat for a minute… or twenty.

When you realize that something that was obviously originally created as an automatic thought in your mind to protect you from something at some point, but is actually an act that causes turmoil in your mind and in your communication that you didn’t even realize you were creating in the first place. Until you can take a step back, you don’t realize the part you play in the way some things happen.

Here’s what I mean, you need to get really really clear with the fact that you cannot and will not ever control someone else’s responses (and actually get a real one).

And maybe the biggest one of all; You cannot expect other people to love like you love. That doesn’t mean they love you any less or more, it just means we are all different people with different make up’s and different ways of expressing ourselves. This is why communicating is so damn important. Listening. Hearing. Understanding.

You also cannot expect others to respond to you in the same way you would or in the same time frame that you would either. It’s just not always feasible and honestly, it’s unfair. It’s unfair to all parties involved, yourself included. So while the above realization that you may try to force things to your own will may seem extremely selfish and in many ways it is, it’s actually a completely counter productive way of getting what you want in the first place. You’re not helping yourself by trying to manipulate time or push. More often than not, if you’re really being honest with yourself, you’re hurting yourself… A LOT.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this, other than someone somewhere needs to hear this message today. Someone somewhere needs to be able to take a step back and accept the part they play in some things. Not to feel guilty or bad about yourself, but to feel empowered and more clear as you move forward. Empowered by the clarity that you need to stop trying to control everything and turn your focus inward. It’s not an easy lesson to learn and it’s certainly not a simple thing to shift either but it’s worth it.

Release yourself and anyone you come in contact with from the restraints of the time frames you’ve created in your mind. Let it go. Clearing that space within yourself makes way for so much more beauty and magic to appear.

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