Okay, let’s talk about pooping.

Yep, you read that right but it’s not what you think. I’m not going to talk to you about how your diet effects your bowel movements or try to tell you about the latest cleanse. What I’m wanting to talk about is the amount of time people spend in the bathroom “pooping” or most likely just sitting there on your phone hiding away from the world and killing some time.

Here’s the thing… If it legit takes you 45 minutes to take a shit every single day then you probably DO need to see a doctor or adjust your diet because that is not healthy. But if you’re sitting there fucking around on your phone or daydreaming or just wasting time, then only you can be honest with yourself about that. The whole “act” of doing your business in there probably takes 5-10 minutes tops. The sitting and dragging it out into a marathon is simply a choice.

Now maybe it’s a conscious choice. Maybe it’s the place where you choose to get some quiet time away from the loudness of your life (or kids). Maybe it’s where you get caught up responding to comments on social media. Maybe it’s where you take a little time to read that blog you subscribe to without being interrupted. All of those things are a CHOICE. And if that is an intentional part of your day, then more power to ya my friend. Do you, just wash your hands and your phone when you’re done.

But here’s my point here… how many of you are actually being conscious with of ALL of your time?

Do you pay attention to how you’re spending every moment? Are you even aware of the fact that you’re spending upwards of 45 minutes a day sitting on the toilet? Probably even more than that for most people but I’m just throwing a number out there.

Because here is the thing… If you’re feeling super “busy” and/or always feel like you don’t have enough time to “get shit done” (no pun intended 🤣) then think about how you are actually utilizing your time. Chances are, you’re not being efficient at all, or not as much as you may think you are.

You’re probably not putting the phone away when you sit down to work in order to remove distractions. You’re also probably not putting things down on a list that you need to get done for the week, and then organizing it by what’s most important so you can prevent that overwhelming panic of “oh, shit! this needs to be done today!” that causes you to create a dramatic situation in order to get things completed. You don’t have to operate in that constant state of stress. In fact, it’s really terrible for your mental and physical health to continuously put yourself into that state of mind day after day.

That stress tends to also cause you to make poor eating choices or not eat at all, lose sleep, and can even lead to using some sort of substance or vice to try to “calm yourself down”. All of which are actually adding to the overall problem, bringing you further and further away from the solution you’re looking for in the first place; have more time.

Having more time comes from being more intentional. It comes from being AWARE of what you’re doing when you’re doing it, and how much time it’s taking. Being intentional allows you to put purpose behind each action in a way that creates a ripple effect that you can be aware of to see how it’s positively touching every area of your life in order to create more of a calm efficiency instead of a stressful panic.

You owe it to yourself and everyone around you to show up as your best self every day. And that requires being present as fuck and paying attention to all aspects of your life… even how long you tend to spend wasting time on the toilet each day…

or whatever other things just popped into your mind that is an obvious time-sucking activity in your world.

Make the conscious decision to be more intentional with your time across the board and watch how your perspective of “how much time you have” shift into something you enjoy molding to fit your needs instead of something you allow to cause you turmoil.

It all comes down to choices.

If this is something you need more help with, IE; time management, self-awareness, becoming proactive, intentional living, then Operation: DO might be exactly what you’re looking for. Click here for more information.

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