I prayed the rosary today for the first time in 10 years.

Yep, the entire thing, all 5 decades. The joyful mysteries. On my Grandma’s rosary that she prayed with every night, using the guide book she used. Those items have been sitting in my night stand drawer since she died… each place I’ve lived since she passed, I moved then with me in my night stand. Today, I felt called to use them.

And before that I was writing my gratitude in a journal in order to fully raise my vibration.

And before that I read the daily devotional passage from my Jesus calling book.

And before that I was working with my Goddess and Angel Oracle cards.

And before THAT I did a beautiful, self guided meditation prayer where I grounded myself into the core of the earth, expanded my energy to receive, sent my love and compassion out to a few specific people I’m tethered to and sat in the intention to be filled with love and light and to be open to receive everything I am meant to today and to be guided so I can fulfilled my purpose today.

All with incense burning, crystals one my lap and healing drum music in the background.

Why am I telling you this?

Because most people would think a lot of those things I just listed above would contradict each other. We’re talking Jesus and Catholic traditions, mixed with universal and energy work, mixed with Angel and spirit guides, mixed with manifestation, mixed with all kinds of other hippie voodoo witch-crafty things that most people don’t understand.

But here’s what I want you to understand; all of those things MEAN something to ME. To ME! Maybe not to you and that’s okay. I learned a few years ago to quit putting rules on my spiritual and energetic growth and it’s been a beautiful experience ever since.

I follow my heart and my intuition on what I feel called to do on my practice. Because here’s the thing friends…. each one of those things has a really huge thing in common, ME. And my energy and my heart and my faith and my mindset and my calm.

So I’m telling you this to once again shine some light on the fact that you don’t need to smush anything you do into a box. You just need to listen to yourself and follow what makes you feel good, what bring you whatever it is your soul is looking for and quit trying to judge or control it.

It’s all beautiful. It’s all powerful. And it’s all from a source of loving light. Remember, you don’t have to explain yourself to anyone.

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