“I choose you”. A friend and I were having a conversation today and this came up and it instantly became so apparent to me that people do not put enough emphasis on that statement.

Sure we love each other and that’s great and it can be powerful but what about the fact that you CHOOSE that person?

I don’t know about you, but to me that almost holds more precedence than saying I love you. In romantic relationships I don’t think you can have the commitment of “I choose you” without the foundation of “I love you” but I do believe that you can have the “ I love you” without the choosing.

Choosing someone is more of a conscious decision. It’s more of an intentional act. It’s more of a way to go even deeper in your love to say that not only do I love you unconditionally, but you also CHOOSE to stand next to them through life. You CHOOSE to go through the good, the bad, the ugly, and all the other things in between with them. Like that’s your person, through it all, no matter what, even on the days when they maybe made you mad or they annoyed you, you still choose them.

That’s pretty damn powerful.

That’s taking love to a deeper committed, conscious place. And I like it. It makes me super happy. Because after all, we all have the power of choice and when you can stand true to yourself and with full conviction know that you are making a choice every single day to love and be with this person, it doesn’t get more powerful than that.

I’m not sure I really had a point here, just sharing some ramblings that I feel could be useful or something someone somewhere needs to hear right now. Same message, more love, more light. Keep shining.

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