I got really used to making no sense to anyone a really long time ago but I would never had fathomed having to stand up and fight… well, SHINE, as strong and as bright as I can to prove that I’m not going anywhere, that I’m confident in the deeply clear messages I’ve received, that it is possible to not only see above the fog but to make unwavering shifts in order to be better equipped for navigating what’s ahead. Shining light on the fact that unconditional, non judgmental love actually does exist.

Because unfortunately, in this world it is so uncommon for someone to actually be committed, to stick to their word, to be to willing to fight/shine because quitting is simply not an option. That when I speak my truth and my position as confidently as I always have when I am as sure of something as I am right now, I get blank stares and reactions of disbelief… from most at least.

Some can’t or won’t see it simply because of where they’re currently standing, the convictions or events from their own lives they are allowing to obstruct their view, or the fact that believing in something so uncommon is terrifying. But this isn’t about them.

There actually ARE some who do see it though. Who honor it. Who admire it. Who share in it. Who see it as magic, who will see you as magic for living it and not choosing the easier course. Because sometimes loving unconditionally isn’t easy, not even a little bit. But I know as much as you do (even if you won’t let yourself admit it) that it’s worth it. And it is absolutely something that should be cherished. It almost feels like a privilege to be able to be a part of something so powerful.

The most beautiful thing about it though? Believers or skeptics, neither really matter at all outside of the people it lives inside, the people who know its strength and hold it true even in the times when the person or thing they are loving isn’t able to love them back.

So yes, unconditional, non judgmental, incredibly breathtaking love does exist. And in fact, it is the strongest force out there. So believe in it. Above all else, choose to believe in that power.

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