7 years ago I posted the picture on the left as my “goal” physique. I wanted to be strong. I wanted to have curves. I wanted to look that way AND feel healthy.

I had zero idea how to get there.

I would try the regularly suggested methods of eating and all the “fad” ways to get the booty and abs… guess what? None of that worked. And I would go through cycles of consistency, not feel better, not get stronger, and in turn would get discouraged and then give up.

I stayed in that cycle for years. Trying to figure it out. I listened to Doctors and Nutritionists. None of it worked. So this body, it was just a daydream. One I didn’t think would ever actually be able to create.

Until I stopped listening to what everyone had been telling me for so long and went out in search of my own answers.

Through old school bodybuilding (aka lifting heavy shit; squatting, dead-lifts, bench, etc. Nothing fancy), getting really fucking patient, and learning how to actually fuel my body the proper way with protein, good fat, and healthy carbs.

No gimmicks. No fads. No tricks. No secrets.


But that’s not what we see everywhere.

Instead we see everyone trying to find the easy way out. Instead of seeking real change and what it takes to create it people are wanting the magic pill.

And there’s no shortage of people trying to sell you exactly that, the quick fix special secret way to create whatever it is to desire.🙄

Honestly, it all pisses me off because there is no easy way out. There is not a quick fix that’s going to actually LAST.

So instead all these people are setting you up to stay in an unhealthy cycle of short term “fixes” followed by lowered self esteem because you feel like a failure and/or hopeless when it doesn’t work or doesn’t last long term. It’s fucked up all around.

Using my health journey is just a good visible example to use but this same things applies to every aspect of life, if you want it you’re going to have to build it. No shortcuts. No secret sauce. Just focus, intention, and work.

One thought on “Real Change

  1. Congratulations! I agree that old-fashioned weightlifting and drills such as push-ups, sit-ups, and jump rope work best. In fact, they’re underrated. Stretching and flexibility are important too. You look great!

    Thanks, Reid


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