So, it’s been proven that the way you spend the first hour of your day sets the stage for the way your entire day is going to play out. And you know that I wholeheartedly believe in that statement.

I take my morning routine very seriously. But here’s the thing… it was really easy to stick to my morning routine when it was just me and two dogs in the house. The worst that happened was I was interrupted by a whine or a nudging wet nose who wanted a pet or a snuggle. Fast forward to my current life and well, the morning routine thing is hell of a lot different than it used to be.

Now it includes creeping out of bed trying not to disturb my boyfriend who was up until 3 am studying for exams or cramming in homework. It includes really really really dreading crawling out of bed in the first place because all I really want to do is cuddle up next to him instead. It includes feeling a little sad sometimes because I didn’t wake up when he came to bed so I didn’t get any time to connect the way I like to, hell, the way I NEED to.

It’s getting up and not disturbing the dog because I swear the child in the other room has a radar for the sound of Bonnie and will spring out of bed the moment he hears her stir. It includes stashing my incense and crystals the night before so I don’t have to pull them out of the cabinets in the morning, a cabinet that will indeed wake all the sleeping people. And it includes sitting on the floor, on top of a comfy pillow grounding my energy into the earth and getting my intentions started for the day with that awareness in the back of my mind that when I open my eyes I very well could be greeted by the stares of a 4 year old in my face wondering what I’m doing.

But hey, I’m making it work.

The biggest thing it might include now that I never had to deal with before is someone else’s mood. Or someone else’s tense vibe. The problem is, when you’re this connected with someone you can feel their stress and tension so much worse than the average person who walks into a room in a bad mood. So, what then? I mean, you’ve just woken up from sleep, you’re in a vulnerable state and you’re faced with someone else’s shit trying to penetrate your peaceful, bright, calm aura.

Welp, you get really freaking self-aware and you MUST choose to LET IT GO.

The tension isn’t yours.
The mood isn’t yours.
And you can choose to not allow yourself to take it on.
After all, who are you serving if you do?
No one, that’s who.

That’s when you reach down into the core of who you are and the power that you know you possess and you choose to shift it. You tell yourself that you will NOT start your day in a bad vibe. You will not allow someone else’s mood to influence yours. You will let the frustration go because holding on to it now or talking about it is not going to bring forth the result that you want anyway. So, you sit down, you breathe into your own power, you imagine yourself being filled with bright white light and you ground. Even as others are rumbling around in the next room, you ground. You fill YOUR cup and you CHOOSE to vibe higher.

Is it easy?
No. Choosing to let it go and vibe higher is usually much more difficult than sinking into the frustration and coming from a place of reaction. BUT letting it go and raising your own vibration creates a ripple effect, one that everyone around you feels. So, not only are you now serving your own needs and greater good but you’re serving those around you as well and you can allow your peace to affect their state of mind. Simply because you choose to. Because you truly ARE that powerful…. If you choose to own it.

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