“You can have it all”. Really? Can you really though?

It’s funny, I’ve spent so much time intentionally building this world I live in but still question “Can I really have all of this?”

I mean, I look around at this beautiful home we’ve created, it’s so filled with love, I’m so filled with love and I think about having a strong, healthy body, beautiful skin, being in control of my thoughts and reactions, expanding my mind daily, writing brilliant pieces every day, having amazing relationships with my friends and family, kissing my soul mate before I go to bed every night… AND amazing mermaid hair… AND driving the vehicle of my dreams every day… AND on top of all of that, I get to make money by living on my terms every day and it doesn’t feel hard… WHO THE FUCK DO I THINK I AM TO HAVE ALL OF THIS?

And to want even MORE?

I must be delusional to think that this can truly be my life, right?

During my journaling this morning I realized that what was flowing out of me was the affirmation that it indeed WAS okay for me to have all of this. It was okay for me to ALLOW this to be my reality.

I mean, after all, this was all the plan… right? So why do we fight ourselves once we actually manifest the realities that we’re looking for?

We get caught up in what we don’t have yet. Or where we want to go… Or the disbelief that it truly IS okay for us to BE HAPPY.

How fucked up is what?

It’s because we’ve been programmed to believe that it’s selfish to have everything you want. That you’re arrogant if you are madly in love with yourself and your life. But what in the hell is even close to being arrogant about owning and honoring something that you’ve intentionally created for yourself? I mean let’s be real here… none of this happened by accident. None of it was by chance. It was all something my soul signed up for before this body ever reached this earth and through my free will and ability to keep searching, keep building, keep surrendering, I have allowed it to be manifest.

Why would I not be fucking ecstatic about that?

Well–I’m writing this to tell you that you’re not alone in the fact that your mind tries to question the beauty and joy you’re surrounded with sometimes. That’s why having a daily mindset practice is so important, to combat those doubting, fearful thoughts that your ego creates in your mind that are far from reality.


That doesn’t mean you’re settling or you’re “done” or you’ve “reached the top”. Not even a little bit.

Maybe THIS right here is the biggest point I have to make;

You’re allowed to ENJOY the ride. You’re allowed to be a work in progress AND a work of art all at the same time. The journey is the most beautiful part. Make sure you’re allowing yourself to actually experience it all .

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