Grace. It’s a name I always said I would give my daughter, if I ever have one. But lately it’s become something I’ve been giving myself more regularly and in turn realizing that I have been greatly depriving myself of so much joy and space by not doing so sooner.

I’ve discovered that through giving yourself a little grace you allow yourself to truly feel what you need to feel when you need to feel it. Through grace I’ve discovered that pressuring yourself on a tight deadline every single day is the opposite of what creates the flow and alignment we all so desperately seek.

Through practicing grace I’ve discovered that if we choose to not only honor who we are and what we need but also give ourselves the compassion and space necessary to truly blossom into our greatest potential.

Sure, pressure may be what creates diamonds and that may in fact have its time and place to serve us in each of our journey’s but grace… grace is what allows us to achieve a level of greatness that isn’t measured by a dollar sign or numbers. It’s measured by souls, by light, by energy and it’s a greatness that not only is sustainable, but also is the key to truly reaching whatever highest you desire.

To me, giving yourself grace means being so damn self-aware that you’re able to see clearly where you’re achieving as well as acknowledge where you need to allow space for understanding and development and clarity to crystallize. And by doing so you’re allowing yourself the exact atmosphere you need to be who you really are at your core.

Think about it, If you are constantly pushing yourself, constantly changing, moving, striking, you are never giving anything any time to manifest. You’re not exuding any faith and you’re likely not paying attention to the things around you that are developing as a result of all of your movement, both good and bad.

So I welcome you, my overachieving friend, to acknowledge where you are and where you’ve been and take inventory of where you’re lacking space to allow your newly obtained knowledge or skills or mindset to flourish. Because after all, isn’t that why we all go in pursuit of more knowledge in the first place? So it can flourish and change our reality as we know it?

Don’t miss out by not allowing the space. Start practicing GRACE. Your higher self will thank you.

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