I’m not sure if it’s because we’ve recently had several serious scares with my mom’s health or if I’m attracting more of these kinds of conversations but lately I’ve noticed something among so many people I’ve encountered and it’s quite honestly pissing me off.

Here’s why; Your health isn’t something to fuck around with.

You only get one body. That’s it. There’s no redo. There’s no turning it in for a new model. And while yes, this country especially has been feeding the masses full of false information about health for decades, it’s the age of information and you have all the data you need to turn your health around at your fingertips.

Yes, doctors can be involved, and they can guide you, BUT YOU HAVE CONTROL AS WELL. You have control over the most important parts.

Chances are, 99% of the people reading this right now live in a house with running water and electricity. You have access to a grocery store and somewhere to store your food as well as cook it.

It simply comes down to a CHOICE.

Either you choose to take responsibility for your life and your health, or you don’t. You choose to keep your head down and stand in the circumstances you’ve been handed and in turn, live with the consequences.

And if you’re reading this, you can also use that handy Google tool to help you find proper information on diet, health, etc. There is also an abundance of people online who are here simply to ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS and give you as much help and support for free.

Youtube is filled with millions of videos explaining these things and actually showing you what to do when it comes to cleaning up what you’re putting in your body.

But let’s be honest…lack of information really isn’t the problem here. It’s a lack of drive or being frozen from the overwhelming thought of adding anything else into your schedule or list of things to do, right?

(Keep reading, I got you)

Now before you get mad at me for saying this and tell me that I’m wrong and have no right to say this because I don’t understand what it’s like to be sick, or poor, or uneducated…. Think again.

I spent close to 15 years sick every single day. Seeing tons of doctors, specialists, and nutritionist. No one had an answer. No one gave me something that helped. It wasn’t until I took my health into my own hands a few years ago and started FIGURING IT OUT that I was able to get some sort of solution and started actually FEELING BETTER for the first time in my life.

There’s no medicine to help me. Maybe there is some for you, and if that’s that case that’s amazing. But you know that you can do something to help make it even better, right?

What you choose to consume every day effects every single thing in your life.
It affects your mood.
It affects your energy level.
It affects your productivity.
It affects your strength (both mentally and physically).
It affects how you feel physically.
It affects how well you sleep.
It affects your response time.
It affects how you function in every single area of your life.

So why do you keep choosing not to do something about it?

I have so many conversations with people telling me about what’s going on in their lives and how they can’t control one thing or another… They start explaining their mental state and it becomes clear that something is off.

So, I start asking questions about their wellness. Do you drink soda? How much water do you drink? Do you take any vitamins? How much are you eating each day? What kind of food are you eating? How much are you sleeping? Do you have a routine you follow each day?

This usually uncovers one piece of the puzzle. One big giant piece that is clearly affecting EVERYTHING.

The problem is, most people choose not to accept that they have the power to shift so much within their world but starting to pay attention to what you’re putting in your body.

And honestly, it’s mind boggling to me.


Yes, it’s going to take making some serious shifts in how you’re operating each day, but it’s possible and more simple than you realize.

And honestly, think about how much time, energy, and days where you could be feeling great, you’re wasting by not taking this seriously.

No–I’m not a health coach or a licensed nutritionist and that’s not really what I’m telling you-you need here. What I’m telling you is that you need to make this a priority. And the #1 reason people don’t move forward with a “new plan” in any area of their life is that they get overwhelmed, don’t know where to start, and wholeheartedly believe that they do not have enough time, money, or capacity to make the change in the first place…. So, they just don’t. And in turn, spend years standing in this same place dealing with the same ailments and struggling along the way.

Why struggle when you truly have the power to make a positive change in your life by making different choices?

When you hear me say, “Take Control of Your Life!” … THIS is a massive part of what I mean.

Your body is the tool you use to do everything in your world.
Your body and your mind are the foundation of it all. Without them, you have nothing.
So why not get them working at maximum capacity?

Here’s what I’m getting at; Control what you can control.

Food intake.
Sugar intake.

This is my JAM, you guys. I literally became the master of productivity by being forced to be proactive and project manage my health in order to survive.

Am I going to write you a meal plan? No.
But I will teach you about whole foods and healthy choices you can make to take place of the processed foods or fast food you’re eating now.

Am I going to write you a workout plan? No.
But I will teach you how to make time for moving your body every day. How to fit it in where it not only works for you, but it becomes something that fuels your day.

I will offer all the resources I have for deciding macros, fitness, meal planning, etc. But most importantly, I will give you the tools to make it all work together so you actually DO THE WORK.

Knowledge is power. Knowledge strikes down overwhelm every time. So that’s where we start, always. Through mindset shifts, routine, and habit creation you can flip the way you’re handling your health… and the coolest part? It WILL bleed over into every other area of your life as well in the process. That’s just how it works, it’s all a circle. It’s all connected.

Call me what you want; Life Coach. Performance Coach. Lifestyle Coach. Productivity Expert. Project Manager. GSD Queen… it’s all Intentional Living. That’s where the foundation starts and ends… With Intention.

So, I’m going to be hosting a masterclass starting next month. As this will be a perfect way to start the New Year. It will go on for 20 days (3 weeks). I will teach 4 lessons, 4 videos, 3 live zoom chats where you can go live with me and we can talk directly about any of your questions or concerns. You’ll also have forever access to all these pieces of training and calls.

We’ll talk getting clear, creating the space, switching/maintaining the mindset, planning, tracking, and preparing so you can take control of your health and wellness once and for all.

The cost of the Masterclass if $127.

Why that price point? Because I want it to be affordable. I want it to be effective. I want it to be something you take seriously but can still fit into the mix of other health/wellness expenses that sometimes come along with figuring out your body.

Creating better health starts with choices. Choices start with creating space and changing your mindset. Intention changes it all. That starts here.

$127 in full and in lieu of the holiday season and the fact that I truly want this to be available for as many people as possible to take advantage of it, I’m also offering an extended payment plan as well. 2 payments of $65 (payment plan only available through Dec 23).

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