Dear Soulmate Client,

You’re not really sure why but you keep getting drawn to my content. Reading and wondering what the secret sauce is…what is it that I do those other people don’t? Is it really something that you are capable of creating? Or am I the exception to the rule?

Let me tell you, I am certainly not like most people, but neither are you. If you were, you wouldn’t be here reading this right now. You want more out of your life. You want to figure out how to actually enjoy the things you have already because you know that it starts there. Enjoying what you have is what will allow you to make more. That includes peace. You can’t create MORE peace in your world if you don’t first create some level of peace, to begin with.

You see, this is all a game of strategically placed perspective shifts accompanied by specific actions to make sure that your commitment stays true to the change you are looking to create. For years I’ve been saying “There is a method to my madness” as the explanation to how I take my clients through their journey of discovering blocks, paths, and self-awareness to create the change they are seeking but just this morning I realized that the method I’ve always been referring to is my zone of genius mixed with my ability to see the truth in things, see the whole picture, and identify where things can be shifted, even if ever so slightly to complete a totally different outcome. It’s a mix my intuition, empathy, magic, and simply life experience. It’s a gift I’ve had from the very beginning, the gift of observation. And over the years I’ve learned how to use that gift to help other people see what they otherwise might not be able to notice. I’ve learned to use that gift to help others navigate through their own journey in order to not only get to where they’re going faster but to actually DEAL with the things that come up along the way. We don’t go around the blocks…we go through them. We look them in the face and remove the power they possess over you. Because if you don’t go through them and remove their power then they will continue to put you back on the merry-go-round that you’ve been experiencing thus far.

So that method to my madness is simply a gift I was given that I have learned to harness and use to help other people and for that I am truly blessed and honored. For that is my true purpose and that is the reason that most of my clients, just like you seek me out without a clear reason as to “why” they need to work with me. They usually just “know” they do and choose to leap. So, they leap and I help them build their wings on the way down. I’m in your corner every step of the way and as long as you are willing to invest the time and energy, the results follow.

Trusting the process and reflecting on every step along the way WILL create the solid foundation you’ve been looking for. I know it because I’m living proof of it.

It’s peace. It’s calm. It’s choosing to enjoy every area of your life, on your terms and allowing every piece to work together in flow because it’s what your heart and soul is telling you-you need. You don’t need a bigger reason than that. That is truly the most important reason of all.

You deserve it. And the moment you choose to accept that, everything else will change.

I’m honored to be on this journey with you. Thank you for choosing me and opening your heart up to me so I can guide you. Now let’s get started. No other day will be more perfect that now.

Love and light,

From time to time I feel called to write letters to the universe. They just flow out of me as if from magic. This was one of those letters and I felt inclined to share it with you. This is a glimpse into my relationship with my private clients as we enter a new level of their journey together. It’s a beautiful exchange and one that I promised I’d share more of with you all ❤

I am accepting applications for new private clients right now, so if this letter spoke to you please reach out. I’d love to discuss further.

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