I went to catch up with a friend this morning, we met outside of the restaurant and I yelled my normal, “WHAT’S UPPPP!” greeting across the lot. As we were walking in, he replied “Well apparently EVERYTHING. You have a lot to tell me, huh?”

“Yep. All of the things are happening.”

“Like all of the things… at the same time.”

“Ya know, all of the things all in about 5 minutes. Yes. Quick and fast, just how I like it. You know I’m impatient.” I said jokingly.

And as we were seated to enjoy our usual, but massively overdue breakfast date, I went on to tell him about the huge realizations I’ve uncovered recently, the changes in my business structure, the fact that I met a man, fell in love basically instantly, and within days from now will be cohabitating with said man… in a different state.

Yeah, I can see how that looks like a lot. And well, realistically, it IS a lot and I can see how from the outside looking in it looks like I’m making life-altering changes all at the same time and all with very little time to “mull things over”. It could even be said that I look irrational to some degree.

As I was driving away from breakfast reflecting on the amazing conversation and feeling grateful for the fact that I had such a great friend who knows me so well that he never once thought I was being irrational or crazy with these changes. Instead, as we hugged goodbye, he told me how excited he was for me and that he was so proud that I was finally doing something fully for myself.

That last line… that line made ME proud too.

But back to that paragraph with the reflections on how this all “looks” from the outside. I thought back to the fact that I mentioned my impatience previously in passing to my friend and realized that I instantly needed to change that language because that was in fact, NOT true. Not even a little bit true.

I’ve been extremely patient actually.

All of the things that are coming into fruition right now have been in the works for a long time. In fact, I can line out the specific way things have transpired in my life over the past 6 months on purpose to prepare me for ALL of this… I can describe it IN detail. It’s all been by design. Even though I wasn’t always sure why some things played out the way they did in that moment I can now CLEARLY see why they did.

Why that idiot from the gym just disappeared and without any explanation at all decided to treat me as if I was invisible and never even existed in the first place.

Why the other one I saw potential with wound up with a pregnant ex-girlfriend before him and I took things to the next level.

Why I was so sure that no matter what happened in my life or no matter what anyone else had to say about it, I knew Tony and I would remain best friends and that there was someone out there in this world that would not only understand our friendship but be supportive of it.

Why I removed certain clients from my space when I did.

Why I turned down several people’s requests to work with me even though I could have used that money in those moments.

Why the few situations I’ve entertained to step back into that Project Management role didn’t pan out.

Why I refused to settle in any of the above situations at all.

Why I had been feeling the intense presence of a man and extreme love that was so overwhelming that I couldn’t focus for weeks, one even my most powerful spiritual go-to’s couldn’t explain.

Why I drove to Nashville to spend one day with my coach without thinking twice because I knew in my bones I needed to be there with her.

Why I chose to finally truly open up to the discussion of diving deep into my soulmate attraction with my coach for the first time and we spent an entire afternoon in that visit discussing and getting clear on this.

Why not even one week later, even though a laundry list of reasons had stacked up against me going to the lake for the weekend I chose to follow my gut when I got that “do you want to ride together?” text and just go anyway.

Why we were late on Sunday. Why we didn’t get to the original destination we were supposed to go to that day. Why I turned around at the exact moment I turned around in the pool.

All of it.

It’s all so fucking clear now. And none of this is a stretch. None of this is an interpretation. None of this is a coincidence. These are all straight up facts that could not fit together any more perfectly if I had planned it out… and you know I am really good at creating and executing perfect plans.

When you really think about it, aren’t all of our choices life-altering in some way or another? You’ve seen the meme floating around that says, “You’re just one decision away from a different life.” and that couldn’t be more accurate.

I could have forced things with those other guys and it would have been okay. I could have stayed with someone I loved but couldn’t give me everything I wanted, but most of it. I could have kept those clients that just didn’t feel right anymore and let them make me question everything. I could have accepted those potential clients that were low vibe and not the kind of work I wanted. I could have pressed the proposals on those projects and lowered my prices to get those jobs. I could have ignored the signs to get in that car and go to the lake.

Each one of those choices would have led me down a different part of the path. But you see, I’ve been working very hard to get in touch with my inner voice, with my higher self, to work in conjunction with the universe and my guides so that I can HEAR what they have to share with me. So, I can recognize the nudges and let them guide me. Because it’s rude to ask for help all the time and then blow them off when they try to guide you, right?

So, I surrendered. I listened. I followed it all, for months. Even when it literally made zero logical sense, I followed it. Even when I felt like I was going crazy, I followed it. And you guys… It’s been PURE. FUCKING. MAGIC.

I’ve literally gotten goosebumps about 20 times just while writing this. Because it is magic. It is purely a beautiful thing and is quickly becoming my all-time favorite story and I’m just getting started. Because when you allow yourself to listen, really listen, you don’t have doubt because you can feel it in your bones that it’s right. And the really cool part is that someone who knew nothing about this universal energy stuff, or the fact that I had been writing about this relationship for 3 years, felt it too. He explained it to me before I ever mentioned it. He explained that instant knowing, that it literally takes your breath away feeling every time. I sat there in awe because I knew exactly what he meant, I just hadn’t said it because let’s face it… I didn’t want to freak him out. But you can’t say the wrong thing to the right person, remember? Ya, that shit is REAL.

Call me crazy if you want but I could give you the names of several people who have had front row seats to watching this all transpire that will tell you the exact same things.

And forget needing to “mull something over”. When something is right, you don’t need to mull anything over. You just know. And when you know, you know. And you go with it because you trust yourself and you know that the universe has your back and things happen FOR you.

Patience had nothing to do with this. This, this was me co-creating with the powers that exist in the universe. This was me finally letting go of control and allowing myself to receive. This is all by divine intervention.

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