I first hired Jamie almost a year ago. I talk often about the shifts she’s helped me make in my business, because those are the most tangible and easiest to explain.

I had this business idea when I first spoke with her that I had no idea how to execute… we hit my “long term, where I see this business at its peak” goal so long ago, that my original “long term” goal feels like a joke at this point. I’m hitting in a month close to what I used to hit in a year.

And believe it or not, business is the LEAST of what Jamie has helped me improve in my life. I don’t say that for drama – it’s the actual truth.

I had been watching Jamie’s content for over a year before I hired her. She had me intrigued with all this mindset stuff she talked about. I believed in all of it, but I believed it for other people. I didn’t believe I’d ever be capable of operating my life in that way, but it was cool to read her stories.

Before I had the business idea, I couldn’t “justify” hiring her. Now I look back and think, “I could have improved my life so much sooner.” SO much sooner I could have begun enjoying every single day, and have peace be the constant and chaos be the exception. Now I look back and think about how much more money I could have made in my already successful existing business if I had known how much more money creating peace in your life generates.

Now I look back and see how low my self-worth truly was to think that I needed a business idea that would generate income to justify hiring someone to help me create peace in my life. As if I wasn’t deserving of a truly happy and peaceful life if it weren’t making me more money.

She kept popping up on my feed speaking directly to my soul for a few weeks before I finally just reached out to her and said, “I know I need you but I don’t know why.”

So, she helped me start my business. I made my first month’s investment to Jamie back in a week.

She helped me become more productive in my life. She taught me how to attract exactly what I want in all aspects of my life, by starting my day with doing things I enjoy.

She helped me get back into a nutrition/workout routine.

I remember at one point during our time together, I was scratching my head at the fact that my income had almost doubled in a 2-week period when I was actually working less. During that 2-week period, everything in my life had begun flowing so smoothly and everything I wanted was just seemingly manifesting before my eyes. She said, “When did you start working out?”

Ding ding ding – 2 weeks prior.

I was mind blown. She was not. She explained to me in detail how working out actually creates that in your life and it made perfect sense. That’s one example of many of how Jamie is really the expert at helping you get your shit together. I can’t tell you how many times the solution she’s given me to my problems seemed totally out of left field. But I do the thing because I trust her, and guess what – she hasn’t been wrong yet.

She’s taught me how visualization, journaling, and prioritizing YOURSELF first are the keys to attracting everything you want in your life – peace, money, love, happiness, self-worth… the list goes on and on and on.

I just signed on for another year with Jamie and I can’t wait to look back at right now and think, “Girl, you didn’t even KNOW what was coming!” Because if it’s one thing I am certain of – it’s that working with Jamie brings me bigger dreams, goals, and results than I ever imagined possible. The only thing I would have done differently is hired her sooner.”

Thank you for sharing this beautiful reflection with me Samantha Bourgeois and for allowing me to share it with my people. ❤ Cheers to another year of exceeding everything you dream of!

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