It’s okay to let someone take care of you sometimes.

Seems almost silly to even say this out loud, but to all of you crazy independent heretics who are right there with me working daily to take over the world, it’s okay to let someone take care of you now and then.

For my entire adult life I’ve always worked hard to NEVER need anyone. Part of my insane proactive nature is to be super prepared and never need anyone to help me with anything…

This is something I’ve completely flipped and adjusted professionally… Hiring a staff and letting them be there for me is a must and something I’ve always been okay with. BUT in my personal life… Not so much.

I suck at letting anyone see me vulnerable.

Let me rephrase that, I USED to suck at letting anyone see me vulnerable.

At the beginning of this year, I started being more conscious of this. I stopped the auto response of “I’m okay” or “I got this, thanks though” or as many of you have probably personally heard me respond, “no worries”.

Those were always my go-to answers anytime someone offered help or asked if I needed something. I started catching myself when those words started to come out and instead, I stopped and thought “Do I really need a hand?” and in some cases, no I really didn’t. But in others, I really did and it was amazing to let go of a little control and allow someone who was offering to actually help.

Maybe it’s the control freak side of me or maybe it’s the girl who always had things thrown in her face anytime she let someone help her in the past, who really knows. Maybe a little of both. But the fact is, I’m not doing it anymore and neither should you.

Opening up to allow people in has made a major difference in my world and my friendships/relationships, as well as my own mental capacity. Because you see, when you allow someone to help, you tend to spend some time with them which makes you and that person feel better. So, no guilt of never spending time or trying to do everything alone. It’s truly been a win win across the board.

I know a lot of people struggle with this, both personally and professionally. And making changes like this isn’t easy. It never is. But it just comes down to making a choice to act differently. Making a choice to respond differently. Making a choice to get a different result. And the cool part is, just like anything: The more you do it, the easier it gets.

So, do yourself a favor friends and put down the superhero shield and allow help to come in sometimes. Rome wasn’t built in a day and it certainly wasn’t built by one person… ❤

One thought on “Being Vulnerable

  1. Beautiful ❤️ words! I respect a woman, whether she desires to do it alone or by herself, or if she desires help from another. When a person assists someone who is open to receive there help, it should be done with sincere, honest and great intent, without hidden agendas or self gain.


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