I was reading an article this morning about fear… and honestly, fear is something I spend a lot of time paying attention to when it pops up because it has so much to tell us if we’re willing to listen.

So, this morning I decided to extend my morning practice into some meditation coloring. As I was filling in the swirls of the mandala, I let my thoughts flow freely. And after about 10 minutes of that I started to ask myself “What are you so scared of?”

Because I’ve been feeling the presence of fear lately, but it hasn’t been clear as to why or what it was that I’m scared of in my current situation.

So, I just asked myself that question over and over… “what are you so scared of happening?”

“Are you scared of having everything you ever wanted all at the same time?”

“Why is that so scary?”

And then I remembered a question my coach Britny asked me a few months back, “What are you scared you’re going to lose by surrendering to everything you’ve ever wanted?”

Talk about a kicker of a question… no matter how many times you revisit it, it hits you like a ton of bricks every time.

So, I thought…what am I so scared I’m going to lose by allowing myself to have everything I ever wanted?

My independence?
My brand?
My body?
My business?
My peace of mind?

All of those questions on a conscious level are obvious answers. As in, I’m obviously NOT going to lose any of those things by allowing myself to have everything… at the same time. On a conscious level I can see very clearly how continuing to step into my full purpose and full life I want all of those things will actually be set on fire, amplified in greatness, and be even better than they are right now.

So why is that so scary?

Great question, right? Well… the only thing that comes to me is “then what?”

Wow. Talk about a limiting belief dude.

“Then what?” My subconscious is so comfortable being in this place of building that it thinks if I finally get everything I’ve been writing into existence for years that I’ll be lost in the new space, so it does its best to keep me here?

I think not. Not on my watch.

And instantly another voice comes into my head that told me years ago that things can just keep getting better from here. There is no cap, no arrival, no top level of “having everything you want”. IT CAN JUST KEEP GETTING BETTER.

Life doesn’t have to be bad to get better. It can be great and get greater. It can be amazing and keep getting more amazing.

Weird concept, right?
Sounds a little like I’m living in a fairy tale, right? Maybe even a little selfish or delusional?

Ya… that’s what my subconscious is trying to say. BUT when you’re working to re-write that big book of “normals” in your mind you have to get used to questioning that subconscious voice on the regular and being able to recognize what needs to be re-written into the new beliefs that match your new reality.

Basically, you have to strip the limiting beliefs at every level, at every step, at every new thing because you see… that book, that book is the foundation and that foundation is strong and solid and deeply ingrained in your existence from the very beginning so if you’re not aware and present you don’t even realize where it might need some editing. You might skim right past the little, hard to understand beliefs that are in fact keeping you from stepping even further into the light, even further into what you want at the highest level.

So, when I talk about mindset and creating the life you want it’s not just about the journal and the mantras. It’s about re-writing that book of “normals” that’s inside of you so it matches what you see in your mind’s eye.

This is the everlasting work. But this is the work that will allow you to break glass ceiling after glass ceiling on your way to keep creating new levels of amazing for yourself.

Right now, I don’t feel scared anymore. I feel calm AF, blessed, and extremely grateful. Struggle is a choice. Fighting your way through life is a choice. And it wasn’t until I realized that it was all just a matter of adjusting your state of mind around how you approach everything that I started to surrender, and the “ease” became more clear.

Is it easy? Absolutely not. Fear will creep in from time to time. Doubt taps on your shoulder and sometimes you question everything. But those are actually some of the most beautiful moments if you choose to pay attention to them because it’s in those moments that you get to see what needs re-written so it can serve you better in your current state.

This might not make any sense to anyone but me, but I feel extremely called to share this side of my life with you all. Mindset is the root of every single thing you achieve or don’t achieve, and it’s become my biggest tool to use in my own life as well as my greatest gift to give and teach to my clients.

Everyone can re-write their own story and create the life they want. It just takes committing to doing it on all levels. And if you ask me, this is the most important level of them all. Without this work, the rest is sitting on a foundation of sand.

Mindset is the solid foundation of everything. It’s what allows your empire to grow and thrive and it’s what allows you to have faith that things will continue to grow because you can trust the foundation you’ve built.

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