You asked and I listened.

I’ve opened up space in my schedule for one time-laser coaching sessions. Because sometimes you simply need to talk through something or create an action plan for a specific situation or project or business.

If you’ve ever just needed a second set of eyes to look over your situation or business, this is perfect for that.

No topic is off the table either! I help my clients weekly with every aspect of their lives.

Business growth.
Project planning.
Launch strategy.
Mindset development.
Team building.
Team growth.
Being a better manager in the workplace.
Being a better leader in all areas.
Time management.
Communication between family members, co workers, and friends.
Programs to use for tracking, planning, preparing for trips or events or business.
Being a better spouse.
Event planning.
Law of attraction and manifestation.
How to set boundaries so you’re getting what you need but still serving others.
Personal wellness tracking and management.
Overall intentional living planning.
…just to name a few.

My knowledge and expertise is pretty wide and one of my super powers is having the ability to look at a situation from different angle than most and give constructive feedback so you can tweak anything into what you’re wanting it to be. (just ask my clients)

So back to the Laser sessions…Here is how it will work;

You’ll have access to my calendar to choose a time that works best for you.

Once you set the time, you’ll receive access to a list of questions to submit prior to out call time so I can get a good feel for what you’re wanting to get out of our time together. (This allows us to get right down to business as soon as we jump on the phone.)

We will connect on Zoom video chat and I will provide a recording of our call as well as detailed notes and plans based off what we discuss.

I have 1 hour and 90 minute slots available.

There will be a limited amount available each month, click here to reserve your slot now!

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