Someone just reminded me that it is Friday.

Honestly, other than knowing who’s calls are on which days I typically don’t pay any attention to the what day of the week it is.

In my world, my weekends are pretty similar to any other day. Granted, I don’t do calls on the weekend or take appointments but I’m still creating, still responding to emails and supporting my clients, and still building my brand.

To some of you that might sound terrible… you know to “work on the weekends” but here’s the thing I want you to understand… I’ve built my life this way on purpose. To where every day is amazing. Every day I get to spend my time doing what I love in one way or another. And I’ve designed it to where everything I choose to do each day fits directly into what I’m building. So basically, me living is me “working”. It’s all the same to me.

Spending time alone… strengthening mindset, resetting, and quieting so I can listen.

Visiting with family or friends… fueling my soul, gaining different perspectives, and keeping my heart happy and relationships balanced.

Writing about my life or my experiences… clearing my mind, fueling my soul, and spreading my message in the process.

Driving or flying anywhere… time to think. Clear my mind. Get creative. Record voice messages to myself, my team, my clients. Catch up on audio-books or podcasts.

Getting my hair done… time to catch up with an old friend (fuel for my soul), gain perspective through those conversations and have some time to be disconnected from my phone in the process. Plus the tangible finished product provides a very necessary part of my brand as well.

You name an activity… I’ll tell you how it is directly affecting my life and business in a positive and constructive manner…

So it is technically work… although it rarely actually feels like it.

To me, it’s just living.

And I’m honored to be able to live this way. I know it’s taken work and it continuously takes extremely intentional action on my part but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love this life and the longer I keep operating this way, the more beautiful and rewarding it becomes.

I want you to know that you can have this too. If you want it.

You can enjoy your Tuesdays as much as you enjoy your Saturdays if you want to. It just takes making the decision to do it.

And then keeping up the continuous, intentional action to create it as you want.

It doesn’t happen overnight but it’s those one-degree shifts that allow you to keep building it all on your terms.

Some call it branding, some call it work, I call it living but all titles apply.

After having this conversation with people all of the time I decided to create a program around just that…

“How to LIVE YOUR BRAND where every move you make is essentially ‘work’ but none of it ever actually feels like work.”

We’re finalizing the details soon but shoot me a message via if you want to details first!

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