Real talk, my acne has been out of control and because of that I’ve been hiding.

I know to a lot of you that might sound silly but it’s true.

It has messed with my confidence. 
It has made me want to stay in the shadows.
It’s embarrassing.
It physically hurts.
And it’s frustrating as hell.

It’s getting better, but I can’t help but find myself reflecting on where my mindset has been lately.

The truth is, as much as I would like to blame me questioning myself on my skin… that would be a lie.

There’s more to it than that.

I’ve been going through a transition. It has been beautiful, filled with joy, and more love than I knew was possible… all while also being dark, hard, and uneasy at the exact same time.

It seems that each week I’m met with something new that causes me to quite literally experience every single emotion known to man all in the same few days.

Call it ascension.
Call it digging deeper.
Call it leveling up.
Call it whatever you want, when it comes down to it I’ve been so busy standing in the middle of the unpleasant moments paying attention and dancing in the joyful moments as present as possible that I’ve gotten a little lost in it.

It’s been unclear how to share it.
Could I put it into words?
Would anyone understand? Or would they all think I’m insane?

The magic I’ve been experiencing in it all has been nothing short of miraculous and I’ve been keeping it all to myself out of doubt.


That’s just silly!

I was talking to a complete stranger today about how my life has been the past few months and the fun state of “questioning” myself came up… I felt ashamed to even admit it… I mean, I’ve literally written a book on how to be confident for God’s sake!

But here’s the thing guys… I’M HUMAN.

We all fear.
We all doubt.
We all hide sometimes.
We all bleed red.
We all put our pants on one leg at a time.

So, remember that the next time you start doubting yourself or comparing yourself to someone else you deem to be perfect. It’s just not true! We all have our own shit.

It’s how (and if) you handle yours that sets you apart.

I choose to LEARN from every turn, every bump, every single beautiful moment… and every single terrifying one too.

Never stop seeking and you’ll always keep moving through whatever is put in front of you 

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