Clearing space today.


This has become something I truly enjoy doing regularly. Because what I’ve realized is that physically every time I do this practice, I get rid of more stuff that is not serving me. I release emotional or energetic holds on things that aren’t healthy or serving or maybe are just simply taking up space.

Removing attachment to physical belongings is so freeing. It’s also something I’m having to ease myself into because I was raised and I resided in such a scarcity mindset for so long that I would cling to my physical possessions out of fear of not having what I needed, when I needed it, and the irrational notion that I couldn’t get them back again.

My conscious mind now knows that none of that is true, there is always more where that came from, and that I’m capable of getting anything I need, whenever I need it. But it’s more about the fact that most of what I thought I “needed”, I actually have no use for at all.

It’s simply taking up space that our subconscious mind and past beliefs have convinced us we must keep filled.

Clearing space creates space for what you truly desire. It creates space for energy to flow, abundance to surround you, and for your frequency to stay high and calm.

And these days, THOSE are my ultimate goals.

Full of light.
Connected to the source.
Surrounded by love and abundance.
Keeping my vibes high and my world calm.
Nurturing my relationship with myself.

All while trusting and knowing that this work IS what creates the beautiful reality I have in all areas.

This work allows my relationship to flourish. Hell, it’s this work that allowed our souls to connect in the first place. If I didn’t do this work, I wouldn’t have recognized it, let alone be open enough to let it in and allow it to consume me in love.

This work allows my business to flow in a statement of purpose and connectivity. It allows me to share and operate at a level that energetically attracts my soulmate dream clients.

This work allows my message to flow from me and for my light to shine brighter every day. It keeps me full even when my world needs me to fill them up. It keeps me in check with myself.

This work keeps me balanced. It keeps me moving. It keeps me fueling my body properly. It keeps me focused. It pushes me at the gym. It pushes me to do all of the things I feel called to do in order to continuously unfold the world that is building up around me, the one I’ve seen in my mind and written in my journal for years.

This work is ALL important. It’s all connected.
And if you don’t see it, I want you to know that it is ALL INTENTIONAL.

It’s all by design. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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