Listen, some days are going to be… trying to say the least.

Some days you’ll have a constant conversation with yourself in your head about what is a story and what is the truth.

Because your mind will try to play tricks on you. It will bring up any old past shit that it thinks “might” explain a situation in order to try and “protect” you but it’s up to you to be self-aware enough to look that shit in the face and decipher if its fact or fiction.

Sometimes those subconscious things really are legit and a great device to point out things that need your attention… But sometimes they are totally off. In fact, a lot of times they are based on things that have nothing at all to do with the current situation and are 100% a fabricated story inside of your head.

So what happens if you believe that story?

Typically you jump to conclusions, make assumptions, and drive yourself batty over something that is not, in fact, the reality of the situation at all.

This is the reason self-awareness and being in control of your mind are so important.

Because those skills allow you to look at the fact versus the fiction.

And in doing that you save yourself a lot of stress and heartache because there are no assumptions, only facts and feelings expressed.

So when in doubt ask yourself, “Is this a story I’m telling myself? Or is this a fact?” And more importantly, if the situation you’re tripping about includes another person…ASK THEM, don’t assume.

Communication is key my friends, remember that and watch how things shift.

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