You grow up seeing what is possible by observing your surroundings. You see what’s “okay” or “normal” to have and that’s what you strive to achieve. Maybe it’s a little bit of your own variation but typically, it is super similar to what you’ve seen created around you.

And there is nothing wrong with that, nothing at all.

But what if you’re that little girl who not only daydreamed about an extraordinary life but also somehow knew that it was actually possible?

What if from a young age you could FEEL that you were meant for more than you even knew was possible?

That you were just so sure it was real?

Well let me tell you what probably happens, you spend a lot of time with your head in the clouds. You spend a lot of time quietly thinking about this world you know you’re meant to create but not talking about it much because you learn early on that people don’t take too well to your different way of thinking.

So instead of feeling dumb or wrong or even worse, more dim; you just keep it to yourself and continue building off that feeling in your gut every chance you can.

And then before you know it, you’re an adult. You’re out in the world paving your path, doing your thing, and if you’re lucky you never lose that feeling in your belly that you, my beautiful girl ARE extraordinary.

While you shine brighter now, you still keep your head down and stay a bit hush-hush about the magnificent scene you envision in your mind regularly.

You know, the one that gets you through on those days where it feels like everything is pushing you into the box of what is supposed to be “normal”. On those days, you cling to that vision even tighter, as if it’s your lifeline as if it’s the one thing that is keeping your head above water.

Until someday, you can’t breathe anymore.

You find yourself standing there looking around not recognizing your own life anymore and that feeling you’ve had since you were a little girl ignites brighter than it ever has before and you just know with all certainty that if you don’t break out of the box they’ve been trying to put you in, you might actually literally suffocate.

But how? How are you supposed to break free?

You follow your intuition.
You make moves based upon what your gut is telling you instead of what everyone else tells you is right.
And you learn to trust yourself more than you trust anything else because of that feeling inside of you, you know the one that you’ve had your entire life? It’s there for a reason.
So you start listening to it and letting it guide you.

Now what?
You’re labeled a heretic.
You make no sense to anyone.
Your empire dreams don’t match their picket fences anymore.
And at this point, you’re so bright that they can barely even stand to look at you.

Sometimes that wins and you’ll sink down, you’ll get quiet for a bit, and even for a second, you might even blend in again.

But there’s that feeling again. It’s still there. It’s still louder than everything else. Are you going to listen to it? Or smother it down day after day hoping that maybe it will just become satisfied with your mediocrity.

And sadly, maybe it will. Actually a lot of times I think it does.

In fact, I’d venture to say that most people don’t make it past the first round of “holy shit I’m suffocating, I need to shine”.

They won’t step out. They won’t take a chance on themselves. They won’t listen to that feeling.

Am I saying they are wrong? No.

But I’m saying they are making a choice. A choice based on fear maybe, but still their choice to make. A choice based on the fact that no one talks about this sort of thing so they feel weird, or alone, or crazy for feeling it in the first place.

So they stay quiet. They stay in the lines as much as possible. And they keep having that desire silently for the rest of their lives.

Listen, I’m not talking shit on those who choose not to follow their soul like that. Not even a little bit. I honor every person for choosing what they choose and know that is theirs, not mine.

What I’m saying is, for those of you who are having this battle in your head, in your guts, in your heart, in your soul.. you know who you are.

I want you to know that you’re not alone.
I want you to know that no, you’re not crazy.
I want you to know that that feeling was put inside of you for a REASON.

Because the world needs you to shine… in whatever way you see fit.

I’m not saying it’s not scary..because it is.

Every single day it is. But I’m telling you that choosing to step out into the sunshine, strip away the covers and labels, and finally really truly be YOU is the most liberating feeling in the world, even with the fear present.

And if you feel that inside you, keep listening. Keep following your path. Keep your ears open more than your mouth running because there’s no room for ego and boasting here, only truth.

I realized yesterday that this is what I’ve helped a lot of my clients do, release that shield and step into their own light. Whatever that might look like for them. We do it on their terms and set up a foundation to keep them moving in that direction for the future to come.

I’m incredibly humbled to be able to stand ringside and guide these beautiful humans as needed, to watch them explore what they always knew they were meant to do.

And to think, if I wouldn’t have listened to that feeling of extraordinary within myself I wouldn’t have even had the opportunity to touch this life, let alone get to live it every day.

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