While watching a show about modern-day ranchers in British Columbia, I became fully engulfed in this conversation where a Native American horse trainer was explaining how humans are like the 4 directions (North, South, East, West), rooted in those 4 directions are the 4 aspects of self. The 4 pieces that make us up as a whole: Emotions, Physical Body, Mind, and Spirit.

And he goes on to explain how the trickiest part is keeping them all balanced. And if one side of the wheel is out, all sides are out and we end up walking around in circles or falling over completely. But when we stand in center of our lives we can find balance and connect with others in the best way.

This is EXACTLY what I spent 2 days teaching at my live event earlier this summer. This is exactly the topic I love speaking about most.

Nothing makes me happier than listening to the stories and teachings of different cultures from so many different walks of life and so many different lifetimes/centuries and seeing how similar so many of them are.

Knowing that the path I follow and the principles I live by started hundreds of years before me makes me feel such a sense of honor, grounding, and strength.

This is why I keep to myself on these topics and speak of them in such a matter of fact type of fashion or why you will rarely hear me debate about their origins… because they are a collective of so many different places, mindsets, teachings, and experiences.

Ego is the only thing that forces someone to feel the need to boast, claim, or define something so magical and pure. And ego, well that’s just not something I spend time standing in. I’d rather spend it learning and deepening in this life, in this mindset, and in the beauty of continuing the path of mastery to balancing it all.


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