You are your worst critic.

You can work to flip it but it will still creep in. You just can’t let it stop you.

We are all hard on ourselves…it happens… And if you have an entrepreneurial brain, you know it happens daily. We are wired to never be satisfied with what we’ve accomplished. We never feel like it’s “enough”. Being hard on yourself is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it keeps you motivated to prove yourself and everyone around you wrong, but on the other hand, it can also be a huge weight on your shoulders that drags you down (*if you let it).

How do you keep from getting discouraged?
How do you keep from being weighed down?
How do you stay positive and moving forward?

When you’re honest with yourself about what you’re ACTUALLY accomplishing and WHY you’re doing it, then it’s hard to get discouraged.
Don’t tell yourself bullshit stories about what you got done today, when you know you didn’t accomplish anything. It may suffice for the moment, but it will continue to weigh down on you because deep down you know it isn’t true. Deep down you know you’re full of shit.

On the flip side… Don’t tell yourself bullshit stories about how you DIDN’T get enough done today. If you rocked through your list, and then some: acknowledge it!

Give credit where credit is due.

I keep a list, like a backwards on my “to-do” everyday… I list all the things I got done at the end of each day to keep me feeling accomplished and ready to take on more!

Do this regularly. When you check in with yourself on
-Where you’re at currently
-Where you’re going
-Progress you’ve made
-WHY it’s so important to you in the first place.
This not only helps you stay in high vibe and focused but you also realize that you really ARE getting things done even if sometimes it doesn’t feel like it.

Make connections every day. Form relationships. Talk to someone who gets you. Those people tend to pop up when you least expect it and say “wow, you’re doing great”.

When you’ve created relationships with people who appreciate you, they tend to let you know that they appreciate it you from time to time. And it’s reminders like that (from someone else, unprompted) that give you even more steam to continue to push forward (even if you feel like you’ve not been doing enough).

If you’re actually present in your daily activities, it’s much more difficult for your inner voice to make you feel like “you’re not doing enough” because you are damn clear on the fact that you’re rocking it everyday.

When you’re present in your day, you know that you’re giving it your all. There are no if, ands, or buts about it; You’re a rockstar and you know it.

There is nothing wrong with having that “never satisfied” nature in you… but there are ways to make sure you’re using that nature to benefit you in any way it can!
Let never being satisfied be your super power that keeps you focused day in and day out.

Follow those tips above to keep you in touch on point so you use that power for positive, always!

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