What if you focused more on trusting yourself than looking around for answers?

What you need to know is inside you. It always is. But we tend to spend all of our time looking to other people for answers instead.

Why? Because trusting yourself is scary.

Perhaps it is because when you seek the answers from someone else and they turn out to be wrong, you have someone else to blame than yourself.

That feels better, right? To blame someone else?

It’s certainly not as scary as having to accept that maybe you made the wrong choice. No one wants to admit that they were wrong so instead of putting faith in ourselves, we instinctively place that faith in someone else thinking they must no better, right?

When the fact is, until you can strengthen the relationship you have with yourself, learn to look inward, and TRUST that you have your own back… you’re probably going to keep searching for whatever it is that you’re searching for to begin with.

Maybe you don’t know what you’re searching for at all…start there. Start looking inside your own heart, your own soul. Pay attention to your thoughts, your actions, your own patterns and habits. Start getting to know yourself better at the core. That’s where clarity lies. Within YOU.

Start listening❤

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