It’s all work.
The photos.
The spray tans.
The journal sessions.
The private clients.
The meditations.
The sales meetings.
The group sessions.
The blog writing.
The team calls.
The project management.
The workouts.
The selfies.
The physic readings.
The financial planning.
The snapchats.
The accounting.
The live streams.
The budget planning.
The energy edits.
The product reviews.
The oils.
The relationships.
The DMs.
The hashtags.

You could define all of those things as “work” if you want to, because they are all in fact money generating activities in one way or another… in my world anyway.

They all drive me to be the best version of myself.

They all come with a very intentional reason and an equally intentional ripple effect of results from each and every one of those actions.

So what happens when just living your life your way and sharing it, along with your gifts becomes your “work”?

Well, for a while you’ll probably feel guilty about it and try to take on extra things to try to make it look more like you’re doing traditional work just so other people will not think you’re crazy.

Until you really truly step into who you are as a human being at your core and you stop giving a fuck what anyone else might say because you “work” all day everyday. And then you feel lighter because you realize that your version of work doesn’t HAVE to match anyone else’s.

There is no comparison because this isn’t a competition.

You do you.
Eyes on your own lane, sweetie.
No one else has to “get it”.

The ones who do, will see your light and will be drawn to you.

The ones who don’t, were never your people in the first place.

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