These days, I share a lot more of my progress and fitness over on Instagram than here but I wanted to share here as a reminder that you do have the time and your excuses are bullshit.

Trust me.

Eating isn’t a pleasure for me, it’s a chore. 3000 calories a day, clean isn’t fun.

Drinking over a gallon of water is annoying.

Sticking to a specific plan so I can get into bed the same time 5 out of 7 nights a week to ensure I’m never in a sleep deficit isnt always ideal, or easy.

Spending my time in the gym doesnt always make sense on paper but it always benefits me way more than any other activity I would take during that 90 minutes, 5 days a week.

Taking vitamins and supplements and greens smoothies and probiotics that taste funny isn’t a super exciting thing to keep up on either.

Not to mention the blood sugar and non stop battle with nausea and the urge to vomit several times throughout the day.

BUT it makes my body run at it’s best. It keeps me in check mentally, emotionally, and physically.

And all of that gets done daily IN ADDITION to running several businesses, building a brand, maintaining a household, education everyday, being present in relationships, digging deeper into my own mindset, and being a dog mom.

So yes, your excuses dont mean shit to me. And they shouldn’t meant anything to you either. Quit letting them win.

Am is saying you should start doing everything right now? Probably not the best idea as you will probably overwhelm yourself and quit before you can notice any change.. instead make the decision to start and do it. Then add in something new each week until you’re in habit and routine with all the things that make you run at your maximum performance.

Are you a warrior in the garden?
Or a gardener in the war?

I choose to be a warrior, to be prepared. Every day.

And you can to, it all just comes down to how bad to you want it?

I currently weigh more than I ever have, ever…eat more than most grown men, and am stronger than I ever knew was possible.
So no I’m not too skinny, and no I’m not starving myself..and neither should you. That’s not the way to healthy and fit.

Lifting heavy shit and engaging your core in every motion. Eating well and eating enough.
Drinking lots of water. Making sleep a priority. Those are foundational ways to changing your body. Start there.

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