I had a client come to me about 6 months ago looking for some balance. She wasn’t happy with the way her life was running. She was running her own business but didn’t feel like it was enough and in turn, the rest of her life was suffering as well.

Her mindset was off. She thought she was barely getting by. She had convinced herself that she didn’t have enough time or money to join a gym, that there was no way she could carve out any more time to spend with her kids, and that this chaos she was experiencing had to be the only way to have “all of this”.

(That’s the funny part…we kill ourselves to be “successful” but aren’t happy…so really, what’s the point?)

She also had this burning idea of how she could help other professionals in her industry to create more income through teaching them what she had done in her business…she just had no idea how to actually make that happen, so she came to me wanting help with it all.

I will never forget our first call, she dove straight in. She broke down in tears and I remember getting covered in goosebumps thinking to myself, “this girl is going to blow her own mind”. Because I knew that she was going to take this seriously. I knew she was going to be open with me and rip back the layers to get to the core of what was really holding her back. And at that moment she truly couldn’t see how utterly worthy she was of having everything she wanted.

So we got to work.
We broke down limiting beliefs around money.
We developed a plan and routine that not only allowed her time to grow this new business idea but also so she could spend more time with her family.
We tweaked said routine tons of times until we got it right.
And she started focusing on HERSELF more…which is a hard thing for anyone to start doing, especially a single mother.
But she trusted me and more importantly, she trusted the process.

Now she spends time being present with her kids every day.
Now she has invested time and money into her body and health…which of course has made her feel better all around.
Now, she is running a successful extension to her business and fulfilling that “calling” she was feeling so deeply.
And within the past 6 months she has worked with over 70 women to help them change their lives and businesses into something manageable AND profitable.

Do you know what’s also happened as a result?
Her main business has grown too. She’s making on average $3k more each week in that part of her business and we’ve never actually talked about it or put any “new strategy” on. It just happened.

Because when you remove the chaos, it makes room for abundance.
When you clear your mind everyday and are intentional with what you are doing, it makes room for more of what you actually want.
Because success in your business IS directly linked to being in control of the other areas of your life as well.

I will never forget when she looked at me and said, “I didn’t know I could actually enjoy my life like this.”

YES! It IS possible. You just have to create it. And asking for help doesn’t make you weak or broken or stuck, asking for help makes you SMART.

Why struggle if you don’t have to struggle?

Because let me tell you, you don’t have to keep struggling.

It’s just a choice.

To stop accepting the struggle as your normal.

A choice to take control of your world and start living it your way.

If you’re ready, send me a message and let’s do this. You owe it to yourself.

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